Delea Peterson

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Delea Peterson, LCSW

Clinical Director

Delea is the Clinical Director at Embark Behavioral Health in Ashburn. Delea received her Master of Social Work from University of Central Florida with a concentration in child and adolescent behavioral health. Delea is a LCSW in VA and FL and comes to Embark with 8+ years of clinical experience in various fields to include child advocacy in the legal system, hospice with geriatric individuals and children, inpatient hospital settings, private practice, and psychiatric crisis intervention work. In her work as clinical director, Delea strives to establish trusting relationships with each individual who walks into the clinic. Delea works with the clinical team to assure that each member of the team is cohesive and collaborative with each adolescent and their family members. Delea creates high quality individualized care through her empathic and creative nature, while ensuring Embark’s innovative curriculum is implemented by the clinical team. Delea offers a warm and safe environment, through her humor and ability to meet the kiddos where they are. Outside of work, Delea enjoys spending time with her dog, Benji, travelling, and can be found tasting coffee around the world.


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