Debora Silva Santos

Debora Silva Santos

Executive Assistant

Debora moved from Brazil to the US with her military family in 2016 and stayed to study Nursing at Montgomery College in Maryland, graduating in 2020. She worked as a registered nurse in the state of Maryland long-term care system for 2 years, conducting assessments, managing medications, and providing compassionate care to patients with Alzheimer’s Disease. Working with this population taught her to meet patients where they are, live one day at a time, and celebrate every accomplishment, even if small. During her second year as a nurse, she became an Assisted Living Manager, when her role extended from direct patient care to ensuring facility’s compliance with state regulations, overseeing medical and operational inventory, and scheduling of up to 40 staff members, including licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants. Outside of work, Debora enjoys spending time with family, cooking new dishes, and watching Brazilian soap opera.

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