Cory Dennis

Cory Dennis

Dr. Cory Dennis, PhD, LCSW

Substance Abuse Counselor

Cory can be direct, but is also authentic and uses humor in his interactions with others. He is an extremely good listener, but goes beyond that and works hard to understand what he is being told. He believes that those who enter therapy, do so to work hard, and he sets that expectation. Cory knows that while inner-work can be uncomfortable, it is also life-changing.

Cory received a BS degree from the University of Utah, MSW from Brigham Young University and PhD from University at Albany, SUNY. He is a licensed LCSW and is currently on BYU’s School of Social Work faculty where he teaches and does research for the social work program, as well treats clients at a private practice.

Cory has a lot of experience in treating substance use, addiction, and mental health. He also has experience in existential and group therapy. He believes that all therapy processes are helpful for both individuals and families.

Cory loves sports and interacting with all people – especially those who are interesting and have a story to tell. When he can find a quiet moment, he enjoys reading and drawing.


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