Cara Mularski

Cara Mularski

Cara Mularski

Clinical Intern

Before Fulshear, Cara succeeded in a 10+ year career in Early Childhood Education. Before journeying down the mental health path, Cara completed an Associate of Art. She began working towards a Bachelor of Art in Human Resources, which Cara found not to be her passion, and switched Majors receiving a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Houston- Victoria, where she is continuing to study for a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Cara has taught a wide range of ages, from infants through six years. As much as Cara enjoys teaching children, she also enjoys training employees and parents on the proper ways in which children respond and learn. Before leaving Early Childhood Education, Cara held leadership roles such as Lead Teacher, Safety Coordinator, Program Specialist, Curriculum Coordinator, Assistant Director, and Operations Director.

Cara does not shy away from challenging herself to understand an area of particular interest. As an undergraduate, Cara worked with highly qualified graduate students and faculty members, researching individual barriers within a variety of populations to seek help relating to taboo topics and the knowledge gap among Health Care Professionals. Cara conducted and transcribed interviews, collected patterns presented in interviews, reviewed literature, and wrote reference articles discussing findings. Cara has volunteered for Fort Bend Women’s Juvenile Center as a mentor and volunteer for Volunteer Houston.

Cara works diligently with clients teaching and implementing healthy habits that they can take with them throughout their lives.

Cara is a mother to two children of elementary age. She has been happily married for eight years. Cara enjoys spending her free time learning different things, running, drawing, and anything that requires being outside (however, not in the Houston summer).

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