Bradley C. Riemann


Dr. Bradley C. Riemann, PhD

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Brad Riemann, Ph.D. is a Senior Consultant working with a variety of behavioral health companies and academic institutions to develop evidence-based treatment programming, measurement-based care systems, and standardized training protocols. He is collaborating with Embark Behavioral Health as consultant and clinical advisor. As the former President of Philanthropy, Research and Clinical Care at Rogers Behavioral Health, Dr. Riemann also served as Chief Clinical Officer and System Chief Operating Officer where he launched and developed the OCD and Anxiety Service Line with programming at the intensive outpatient, partial hospital, and residential levels of care. He has authored over 120 scientific, peer-reviewed articles on OCD and anxiety, and fifteen treatment manuals. Dr. Riemann has spoken both nationally and internationally on OCD and is a member of the Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board of the International OCD Foundation and the International OCD Accreditation Task Force.

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