We find ourselves in a time of great change, disruption, uncertainty, and challenge. Embark Programs have each made a commitment to look inward, to engage in a needs assessment with DEI consultants and to develop action plans in order to do and be better in the realm of DIVERSITY, EQUITY, and INCLUSION. Come join us on this journey. As a collective of therapeutic programs and referring professionals we can impact change through increased awareness and skill building. Let's come together to learn, to listen, to raise awareness, increase sensitivity and develop skills and action strategies to better serve our families, students and employees.

Upcoming Trainings

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2/10 12:00 - 1:30 PM PST

Recruitment, Engagement, Elevation & Retention

Embark is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Recruitment and retention (R&R) of diverse persons, ideas, experiences, and talents is crucial to equitizing our culture and services.  DEI in R&R:

  1. addresses historical blind spots and marginalization in hiring processes;
  2. creates equitable opportunities for candidates of all backgrounds and identities;
  3. creates and maintains an inclusive workplace; and 4) supports the well-being and retention of employees and clients, particularly the underrepresented.  This session will help participants develop the requisite mindset for equitable R&R and provide an array of strategies and tools for building and maintaining diverse, equitable and inclusive hiring infrastructure.
3/10 12:00 - 1:30 PM PST

LGBTQI+: Activating & Inclusive Environments

As our society continues to make legal and cultural progress to embrace the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBTQ+) community, many organizations still lag behind.

LGBTQ+ employees still find it difficult to bring their full identities to work, many clients struggle to trust their clinicians, and allies often lack authority to assist in this process.

In this training, we will assess the current status of the LGBTQ+ community and mental and behavioral health, and the difficulty of coming out, transitioning and living authentically. 

We will share lessons and strategies for LGBT+ individuals to excel in the workplace, and for allies and organizations to meet them where they are and support them appropriately.

4/21 12:00 - 1:30 PM PST

Misalignment & Opposition

Tatiana McInnis argues that DEI efforts often "can't do the things they are tasked with, as they are not empowered to hold people accountable. They operate on a hope that edifying others with best practices means that those people will implement such practices. They exist not to create systemic change. Here, organizations say, is our investment in equity: engage with it, ignore it or belittle it as you’d like."  DEI is contested terrain and inherently disruptive.  Like an astringent, it draws out systemic impurities and individual insecurities.  "I don't see race." "I don't believe in special treatment."  "This is going to be divisive."  Even the well-meaning unwittingly enable resistance, when they ask internal and external DEI leaders "how do you deal with resistance?  How are you going to bring X or Y along without hurting their feelings?  What are strategies you use to invite novices to this work?"  One cannot serve two masters, DEI and the disruptive fragility of those seeking to maintain the status quo.  This session will explore the nature of push back and misalignment, while providing tools for advancing DEI unapologetically, and with grace and accountability.

5/12 12:00 - 1:30 PM PST

Intercultural Communication & Clinical Intervention

We often struggle to work together effectively and fail to maximize our potential. Implicit bias, a lack of cultural competence, and differences in interpersonal and intercultural communication, engender these problems and undermine cohesion and productivity. 

This dynamic and interactive workshop will offer knowledge, perspective, and practical solutions for leveraging diversity, equity, and inclusion to increase inner-awareness, verbal and non-verbal communication, team building, and productivity.