Virtual Counseling

We’re committed to providing your family with the most accessible online therapy to help your adolescent, teenager, or young adult throughout their healing journey. That's why we offer virtual counseling (including parent coaching), providing you with premium mental health support.   

What Is Virtual Counseling at Embark?

Teen learns what virtual counseling is at Embark and how it can help OCD.
Teen learns what virtual counseling is at Embark Behavioral Health and how it can help OCD.

Available throughout the United States, virtual counseling, also called teletherapy or online therapy, lets your adolescent, teen, or young adult easily connect with a therapist through a computer or smartphone to overcome mental health issues, such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), borderline personality disorder (BPD), attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), trauma, or bipolar disorders.   

Parent coaching is also available, offering support for parents as they navigate challenging behavioral health issues at any stage of their child’s life.  

If you’d like to transition your son or daughter from online therapy to an in-person program, we have multiple options that provide the level of care your adolescent, teen, or young adult needs to overcome difficult mental health issues.

Please note: Embark’s virtual counseling is not insurance reimbursable. Embark Behavioral Health offers competitive private-pay pricing options to serve your family's needs and schedule.

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What Are the Benefits of Online Therapy?

Teen in virtual therapy program working on mental health issues


Online therapy gives your adolescent, teen, or young adult the flexibility to connect with a therapist from home to overcome behavioral health challenges like PTSD, OCD, and trauma. It’s also a flexible option for you if you’re interested in parent coaching. 

Virtual counseling therapist greeting teen who is working on ADHD.

Industry-Leading Therapists

Embark’s industry-leading therapists offer online therapy and parent coaching sessions around the country.

Adolescent and parent celebrate mental health progress in Virtual Counseling.

Measurable Results

We provide measurable information that shows you how far your child has progressed in our teletherapy program.    

Teen is notified from virtual counseling patient portal of upcoming therapy session.


Our patient portal will send you reminders, so you and your child never miss a session. In addition, the convenience of accessing therapy from wherever you are has been shown to increase attendance rates, which in turn helps drive better outcomes.  

The CASA Developmental Framework

The CASA Framework

Embark’s online therapy is guided by CASA, a unique developmental framework used to create therapeutic relationships that help adolescents, teens, and young adults struggling with issues like BPD, ADHD, and OCD. CASA stands for commitment, acceptance, security, and attunement (also known as empathy in action).

Accessible online therapy at Embark Behavioral Health allows teen to join virtual counseling session easily.


We aim to meet you where you’re at and that may be in a location that doesn’t have viable in-person treatment options. We’re here to help you navigate getting the quality care you need.

Adolescent in virtual program reminded to join online session for ADHD.


Our secure patient portal lets your family easily access premium therapy and parent coaching online from wherever you need us.

Adolescent, teen, and mother happily greet Embark team member from virtual counseling during enrollment for online therapy.

Simple Admissions Process

To sign up for virtual counseling, click the Call Now button. An Embark team member will be ready to assist you.

Virtual Counseling Services

Parent Coaching 

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

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Virtual Counseling Enrollment

  1. Your child will take a mental health assessment and will be matched with a therapist. Parents will also be matched with a therapist based on their needs.  
  2. You’ll log into the patient portal to access program information and see your child’s online therapy schedule.  
  3. A therapist will reach out to discuss a treatment plan and goals for your child. 
Virtual Counselor greets teen with mental health issues during enrollment for online therapy.

Virtual Counseling FAQ  

Our virtual counseling can be very effective for:  

  • Adolescents, teens, or young adults who would benefit from online therapy in the convenience of their home.  
  • Parents who need online coaching while their child is in treatment (or anytime).  
  • Families who feel they could benefit from online therapy.  
  • Families who feel they could benefit from online family therapy.   

Online therapy can be a great option for adolescents, teens, young adults, or families who can benefit from the flexibility and accessibility of virtual treatment while staying at home and maintaining their daily schedule. For those who need more in-depth 24-hour care, residential treatment, wilderness therapy, transitional living, or an inpatient hospitalization may provide a more appropriate level of care.  

Parent coaching offers support for parents whose children may be entering treatment or discharging from a program or who need extra support during the program. Also known as family therapy without the primary client (the child), parent coaching provides a therapeutic foundation for caregivers by giving them a support system, helping them tackle challenging topics, and celebrating key milestones along the treatment journey. 

During online family therapy sessions, your family will gain insights on how to communicate effectively and address conflict. You’ll also receive tools and resources that can help your family through its healing journey. 

Virtual counseling can be completed anywhere across the country and provides individual and family therapy options for adolescents, teens, and young adults as well as parent coaching. Our virtual IOP, available in Georgia, Maryland, Colorado, and Texas at this time, provides group, individual, and family therapy as well as online psychiatry and medication management services for adolescents, teens, and young adults who need extensive care. Clients must reside in those states to sign up for our virtual IOP. 


Insurance-Reimbursed Virtual IOP

If you think our insurance-reimbursed virtual IOP may be a better fit for your teen, adolescent, or family, you can explore our virtual intensive outpatient program, offering multiple therapy options, experiential activities, and medication management to those in Georgia, Maryland, Colorado, and Texas.  

Interested In Our Virtual Counseling? Get In Touch!

The best way to figure out if online therapy will help your adolescent, teen, young adult, and family overcome issues like trauma, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, BPD, anxiety, and depression is to talk with one of our mental health professionals. They’ll consider all symptoms and your family’s treatment history and then recommend the best next steps for your situation.  

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