Testimonial – 19616

“The individualization of the program was one of the best things about Sunrise. Everything was tailored to address “A’s” needs. The way that she was given a task, but came up with how to implement them was the best way for her to really incorporate them into her life. Parent weekends were fantastic! The personalization and the group interaction we’re really well balanced. We all came into the program apprehensive and uncertain. We all had a lot of changes to make and we were all held accountable. The difference in “A” is almost unbelievable. She has so much more self-confidence and she is finally OK with who she is. She knows what she wants out of life and is ready to go after it. Prior to Sunrise, “A” was barely passing school and now she’s going to go to college. There is nothing she can’t do and Sunrise is one of the biggest factors in getting there.”