Testimonial – 19610

“My daughter graduated from Fulshear in Texas in Dec. of 2020. When we arrived at Fulshear my daughter was broken, unable to feel, depressed, self-medicating, and imploding in on herself. After years of therapy, numerous meds, and nearly losing her we grabbed on tight to the only hope we had and enrolled at Fulshear. The day we first toured Fulshear there was a graduation of one of the women. I watched as I heard the women in the program speak of the transformation this young woman had undergone in her time at Fulshear. I heard about her personal growth, finding herself, struggle, wanting to quit, hard work, family therapy, forgiveness, plans for the future, and a family forever changed for the better. I listened to the staff speak of the same thing and finally the graduate herself. I knew then that this was the place for my daughter and I thank God she agreed to enroll that day.

Fourteen months later, I watched my own daughter graduate! She and we as a family are forever changed for the better. The people that work there are nothing short of miracle workers, the program is COMPREHENSIVE. They treat each woman individually and nothing is left unaddressed by graduation time. It was a long program but it’s what was needed to save my daughter’s life. To hear her say “I love my life” and see her function in the world looking to the future is all I could ask for.

Her journey was not easy and there were many bumps along the way. She cried many tears as she learned to feel emotions for the first time as did I. She had setbacks and at times I wasn’t sure how it would all turn out. We each worked hard to change our relationship. If you think you are dropping your daughter off to be “fixed” and then picked up later, be prepared to be challenged and asked to look at your own part as a parent. The entire family system is treated at Fulshear, not just your daughter. Only through both of us being vulnerable and willing to change did we get well. There were many family therapy sessions over the phone with her incredibly
competent and talented therapist.

The road will be bumpy as hell so hang on and trust the process and the staff. There will be mistakes but don’t quit before the miracle happens. There is a beautiful light at the end of what was a very dark tunnel!”