Testimonial – 19604

We Are Truly Happy and Relieved Parents
“We believe that the true measure of the effectiveness of a treatment program is not immediately known the first few weeks after the client completes the program. It seems much more important to us that the program has a lasting positive effect 1 year, 2 years, or 5 years after completion. The best case is that the learnings and behavioral changes from the treatment program last a lifetime. As a parent, I will be both relieved and happy if my daughter is able to sustain positive behavior and attitude for the rest of her life using the learnings from her time at Fulshear Treatment to Transition.
Our daughter graduated from the program at Fulshear two years ago. At the time, we remember being greatly concerned about her re-entry into the real world. Would she migrate back to the environment that led to her problems and challenges? What could we do to help her through the transition from life in a treatment program to life in the real world? Prior to treatment, she had talked about how hard life was. Would she feel the same after treatment? We had many concerns.
As it turned out, all of our concerns we unfounded. Our daughter’s reentry went smoothly, beyond our wildest expectations. Her attitude and behavior have been impeccable. She now has a professional corporate job, an amazing husband, and a beautiful one-year-old daughter. She is a wonderful mom, taking excellent care of her daughter. Her willingness and ability to handle increasing responsibilities has been very surprising. She says that she still has anxiety, but has learned how to manage it. She frequently refers to things she learned at Fulshear. Her relationship with us is excellent, something that didn’t seem possible prior to her time at Fulshear Treatment. It is truly amazing how far she has come.
In summary, our daughter’s treatment at Fulshear has had an excellent long-term effect on her life. We are truly happy and relieved parents. We have no concerns about her future. Thank you, Fulshear Treatment to Transition for making the lives of our entire family better.”