Testimonial – 19591

Our daughter had a very constructive, healing, and meaningful experience at Chrysalis. She went to Chrysalis after 14 weeks at the Trails Carolina wilderness program. The staffing at Chrysalis is excellent. The therapeutic, residential, and academic staffs really care about the girls and work very hard to maintain a safe and structured, and consistent program. We came to feel very connected to the place, to their commitment to the girls, and to the overall healthiness and decency of their therapeutic environment.

Our daughter was there longer than most girls, largely because she took her own sweet time to grow up while there. And she became really visible and known to the staff. And being “seen” by the staff was an important part of her journey.

She also made many friends at school. Some had come before her and left before her. Being around those other girls was such a key part of her learning more about herself.

We are really grateful for the good intentions and skillful means practiced at Chrysalis. It’s a good place, an honest place, a loving and spirited place, and often a happy place for the girls in attendance. Overall our girl thrived while there, even though she had her share of challenging and sad days living away from home. But the goodness of the place was what she needed, and its best made our hearts sing!”