Do you think your daughter or son may have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) states that ADHD is a condition that involves a stable pattern of inattention that impedes a teenager's development or functioning.

Some teens with ADHD experience hyperactivity and impulsivity instead of inattention, whereas others still will struggle with inattention as well as hyperactivity/impulsivity.

ADHD in teenagers can be concerning, because those who experience difficulty with hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention, may struggle with learning disabilities, low-self esteem, schoolwork and social skills problems.

A teen who has symptoms of inattention may have difficulty focusing and seem to be disorganized and off-task. Hyperactivity, as its name might suggest, involves being in constant motion, especially when it is not appropriate to do so. A teen with hyperactivity may fidget or talk constantly. Impulsivity can involve reacting quickly without thinking about consequences, or interrupting others when they are speaking.

Learn how ADHD looks in teenagers, as well as what treatment options are effective, such as ADHD medications and behavior therapy.

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