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To drive adolescent anxiety, depression and suicide from the all-time highs of today to all-time lows by 2028.

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About Embark

Nationwide Full-Spectrum of Care: More treatment options under one roof than any other organization.

Support for the Entire Family: Our relationship-based approach focuses treatment on the entire family system.

Certified Care & Safety: Our programs maintain rigorous, third-party validated care and safety standards.

Our Core Values

We cannot "set" organizational values, we can only discover them. Nor can we "install" new core values into people. Our Core Values are so fundamental that we would hold them regardless of whether they were rewarded or not. These core values are ones we hope our children will hold when they become working adults. We envision these Core Values being as valid 100 years from now as they are today.


    Building a culture of understanding, when our employees and students feel understood they feel valued. 


    Serving others to serve ourselves. Service empowers our community to realize our true potential.


    Building trust by building relationships. Your success is our success! 


    Growth mindset provides the framework for life-long success by overcoming early emotional, traumatic, or attachment challenges.

Our Core Purpose

Our reason for being and the reason our organization exists is to create joy and heal generations

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the most respected, recognized and valuable family behavioral health care company in the world.

The Embark difference

"You have been a God-send in our lives and we are very, very grateful for the love and concern and support you've shown each of us, but especially our daughter. We miss you folks. I even miss Utah!"
"Your unending patience, tireless commitment, and absolute brilliance gave us our daughter, and gave our daughter her life."
"I only wish there was more I could do to express to you my love, affection, and gratitude for all you've been in my life and in hers. I am delight that our relationship will continue."
"You have helped me so much this year. I used to not understand English, but you have helped me to become involved in class and to get into books. It's been a lot easier to learn in a caring environment. Thank you for helping me get interested in school again."
"When we brought our daughter to New Haven, we thought she might never want a relationship with us again. She's changed so much, we wonder if you switched her with someone else! New Haven has given us our daughter back."
"Both staff and peers at New Haven befriended me and helped me to open up and share. Once I realized that people liked me for who I am, I started to like myself. This was exactly what I needed. I needed gentle, caring people to help me."

Learn With Us

Our experts are the most trusted in teen and young adult mental health treatment. Check out these resources available to everyone on their healing journey.