Steven Khoubian


Dr. Steven Khoubian


Dr. Khoubian is originally from Los Angeles and received his bachelor’s degree in biopsychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. During his undergraduate studies, he focused on the biology of the brain and researched how the medication olanzapine stimulates new nerve growth in the brain. He received his medical degree from the University of Cincinnati and completed his residency at the Mountain Area Health Education Center in Asheville, North Carolina. While there, he learned advanced treatments such as transcranial magnetic therapy (TMS) and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). In addition, he incorporates techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy into his practice. He has worked in several settings, including Cedars Sinai Medical Center and The Julian F. Keith Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center. He enjoys logic puzzles, reading, podcasts, and trying new restaurants in his spare time.

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