Jeana Thomsen

Jeana Thomsen

Jeana Thomsen, LCSW

Executive Director - New Haven

Jeana’s career at New Haven began in 2006 when she joined the team as a therapist. She worked for the next seven years as both a therapist and clinical director. New Haven became Jeana’s second home and her love of the work with families grew each year.

After spending a few years operating an outpatient office and then working at New Haven’s parent company overseeing clinical quality and standards, Jeana returned to New Haven as the executive director in 2019.

The majority of Jeana’s career has been devoted to helping adolescent girls and their families heal from the pain of the past and work together to move confidently into the future. Jeana is passionate about ensuring that the families we work with get the best quality care in the world and that the healing changes they make are lifelong.

Jeana earned a bachelor’s degree in social work from Utah State University and a master’s degree in clinical social work from Brigham Young University. She has a wonderful husband and three darling and active children. She loves to cook new foods, especially appetizers and desserts, and thinks that most meals should consist only of these two “food groups.” Her ideal day would begin with a run and end either in the mountains or on the beach with her family.



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