Daniel Cox


Daniel Cox

Executive Director

Daniel is focused on fostering innovation and growth, bringing extensive experience to the role of Executive Director. With a dynamic career that spans various sectors, Daniel has made his most significant impact in the behavioral and mental health/human services industry, guiding organizations through transformative growth and operations. His strategic foresight and leadership have been pivotal in redefining standards and organizational effectiveness.

Holding a degree in human communication and professional/technical writing, Daniel brings a unique blend of communication and analytical rigor to his role. This academic foundation has not only honed his abilities in creating impactful narratives but also in crafting strategic communications that drive organizational change and foster meaningful connections.

Daniel’s professional philosophy centers around compassionate leadership and empowerment, believing that true growth occurs when individuals are supported to reach their full potential. This approach has not only cultivated high-performing teams but has also driven them new heights. His ability to navigate complex situations is complemented by an innovative mindset, constantly seeking out new methodologies and technologies to enhance operations and customer satisfaction.

Daniel is a member of several professional organizations, including Bloom Growth Coaching, where he contributes to advancing leadership and management practices. His commitment extends beyond professional boundaries, actively supporting a local youth non-profit soccer organization, embodying his belief in holistic success. For Daniel, true achievement transcends financial metrics, embedding itself in the positive societal impact made through dedicated service and community involvement.

Daniel lives in Southern Utah. He is happily married to his wife and enjoys raising their three beautiful children together with her each day.

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