Corina Jenkins


Corina Jenkins

Director of Clinical Partnerships

Corina Jenkins is a dynamic outreach professional with over two decades of experience dedicated to uplifting communities. With a master’s degree in education from Argosy University, California, and a bachelor’s degree in communication from Monmouth University, Corina combines visionary leadership and empathic connection to create positive change in the communities she serves.

In her current role as Director of Clinical Partnerships at Embark Behavioral Health, Corina is instrumental in establishing crucial relationships with the community and providers. Her heart lies in working with families to find the right therapeutic support for their teens, being a lighthouse in the storm of mental health struggles.

Prior to her tenure at Embark, Corina served as a Director of Outreach for Fusion Academy, where she played a pivotal role in expanding enrollment opportunities and promoting innovative programs within local communities. Her leadership was instrumental in establishing top-performing campuses and earning recognition for her expertise in connecting families with tailored educational solutions.

Corina is a friend, mentor, wife, and mother of two daughters. An explorer at heart, she has lived in China, Spain, England, and is a dual Ecuadorian citizen. She is proud to have finally laid down roots in Pennsylvania, where her family is now just a drive away. Pennsylvania has stolen her heart, and she loves to invest her time and energy in bringing her neighborhood together, from hosting the local block party to volunteering in many different community action projects.

Passionate, driven, and deeply committed to making a difference, Corina Jenkins continues to be a guiding force in the field of adolescent mental health, providing hope and encouragement to those in need.

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