Caitlyn Davis

Caitlyn Davis

Caitlyn Davis, MA

Clinical Support Specialist

As the Clinical Support Specialist at Embark West Los Angeles, Caitlyn Davis helps clients find and live their fullest and most authentic lives. While holding a master’s in applied psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles, Caitlyn completed phase 1 training in Brainspotting, as well as a certification in life purpose coaching. She takes a holistic approach to mental health, knowing all aspects of an individual’s context plays into their current state of being. Her work in mental health is strongly connected to her daily practice of living intentionally and mindfully, with joy. She enjoys working with adolescents and can empathize with what they may experience, having gone through her own journey in her formative years, and experienced profound healing. Caitlyn always comes from a trauma informed perspective and aims to build the supportive, therapeutic relationships where healing can take place. In her free time, Caitlyn writes, practices yoga and enjoys seeing art.

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