Bailey Pulido-Carrillo

Therapeutic Support

Hello! My name is Bailey. I was born in Missouri but raised here in Orange County. I am a true California girl at heart! I am a three year old Chocolate Lab and I have two older brothers at home, both cats named Ty and Flynn. I love going to the beach, playing chase, giving lots of kisses but my favorite thing in the world is playing fetch. I am a huge people lover and always have energy no matter how much I have played. I get the wiggles when I am super excited, so be warned, do not stand near my tail, it’s very strong! My nicknames are: Bailey Girl, Gorgeous, Crazy Girl, and Lovey.

Rules For Bailey:

  1. Please ask to touch/pet
  2. Allow Bailey to come to you, as opposed to chasing after her.
  3. Please do not disturb Bailey when she is in her crate, or on a walk.
  4. Do not grab her leash or harness unless instructed.
  5. Only handlers (including Embark staff) are allowed to freely touch or give commands. You may provide a command or touch only when instructed to do so
  6. No feeding Bailey treats or human food unless you are given verbal consent by staff/handler.
  7. Staff/handler must always be present when interacting with Bailey. Please notify a member of staff/handler if you notice Bailey by herself.
  8. No taking Bailey on walks, unless you are accompanied by a staff/handler.
  9. Do not take Bailey in the bathrooms.
  10. Bailey has specific commands designated to ensure safety for all, including herself. Only staff/handler is permitted to use commands to reprimand or reinforce her behaviors/conduct.

Please be very careful when bringing in grapes, chocolate, raisins, and onions. These common foods are dangerous for dogs. Make staff/handler aware if you see Bailey eating any of these foods on accident.

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