Dragonfly Transitions supports young adults on a journey of personal exploration, health and independence while providing college and vocational support, as well as recreational and therapeutic opportunities.

Located in southern Oregon, Dragonfly Transitions is a 9-12 month program. Designed with progressive phases and a choice of living environments based on student preference and readiness, Dragonfly Transitions provides students with real-world experience in a supportive environment.

Just as no two paths in life are the same, no two treatment programs are the same. The team at Dragonfly Transitions is committed to respecting the autonomy and privacy of students, encouraging them to find balance and consistency in their education, employment, fitness, nutrition, relationships and independent living skills.

With three different locations in southern Oregon, Dragonfly Transitions helps students to set and exceed educational, recreational, social, therapeutic and vocational goals. Providing a continuum of support as students move towards independence, Dragonfly provides a caring environment that empowers young adults to flourish.

Students move through four distinct phases at an individual pace. In phase one, Dragonfly students develop an individualized treatment plan addressing their unique goals and issues. In phase two, students gain increased responsibility for making positive life changes and demonstrate consistency in their new behaviors. They also begin to explore new activities and experiment with a new lifestyle. Here, students focus on budget and personal finances. In phase three, students have demonstrated they are reliable and trustworthy. Here they are asked to take on a leadership role in their peer group, helping others in their journey towards healing and independence. Phase four is an optional phase where students can move into Dragonfly’s community of Ashland or Klamath Falls in their own apartment or college dorm. Here,  students manage their life with minimal external support. Each house is located in a residential area to help students feel more at home and connected to their familiar life.

Dragonfly serves teens and young adults. Students who come to Dragonfly Transitions have often fallen behind the normal developmental curve due to:

  •       Body image issues
  •       Identity issues
  •       Learning differences
  •       Mood disorder
  •       Overuse of technology
  •       Trauma and/or significant loss

Family and friends of students have noticed that their loved one cannot set and achieve modest goals and may have a poor track record staying employed. Anxiety and depression may have led to patterns of avoidance and engagement in meeting the developmental milestones of a young adult.

At Dragonfly, students learn how to challenge negative behavioral patterns, find the root of the challenge and learn how to confront life as an independent adult.

Residential Treatment at Dragonfly

If transitional living isn’t right for your young adult, check out our residential treatment at Dragonfly. Located an hour away in the Klamath Falls, Oregon area, our residential treatment centers provide inpatient treatment for teens and young adults struggling with difficult mental health issues.

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