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Why Can’t I Just Get it Together

December 28, 2019

You try really hard. Honestly, you do your best. But it seems like you always forget a book or forget to do an assignment, or you fail a quiz or test. You try so hard to be kind, but inevitably, you always end up fighting with your annoying little brother. And now, your best friend is mad at you… again. And you don’t even know what you did wrong. You are not trying to make a mess of your life, but you just can’t catch a break. More often than not, you end up asking yourself, “Why can’t I just get it together?”

Maybe It’s Not You

It is easy for you to feel like falling short is your fault, or represents failure somehow. However, what if you learned that it actually isn’t your fault? That you are definitely not a failure? When we are not in complete control of our minds, then we are not in complete control. Meaning if you are suffering from a mental illness, even if your symptoms are mild, or if you have an addiction, then your brain may not be completely regulated, or in your control. You will always have a really hard time functioning at 100 percent if you are not mentally healthy.

Lesser-Known Side Effects

We have all heard of the major symptoms of mental illness and addiction. Many of them will land you in the hospital. But did you also know that they can cause memory loss? Lack of concentration? Irritability? Insomnia? Obsessive thoughts? Repetitive movements? Those are just a few of the more common ones. They don’t seem major, yet they impact us every single day.

The problem is that people don’t always put those side effects together with the behaviors. “Why is Susie failing math? She was always so good at it.” Well, Susie may be exhausted because she hasn’t been sleeping well, and also, she cannot concentrate or remember what she needs to in order to succeed. Sometimes, we tell ourselves that we just can’t get it together, or perhaps even other people will tell us that we can’t. In reality, the problem is more obvious and treatable than that. 

The Importance of Treatment

When our families and doctors are able to work together and find a diagnosis and treatment plan for us, it can be life-changing. For chemical imbalances that require medication, for example, when we find the right medication and dosage, the change can be overnight. Suddenly, we can remember things, we can focus, we get along better with our families, friends, and fellow students or co-workers. It can seem miraculous.

Not everyone is so lucky to find a diagnosis and successful medical treatment right away. Some never do. However, there is also therapy, which helps us find coping skills and to be able to talk about our abilities and feelings and perhaps find new ways of looking at things that help us to function better day-to-day.

Even when medical treatment isn’t perfect, it is usually helpful, particularly with the side effects of addiction and mental illness that trip us up day-to-day. Plus, there are new treatments being developed all the time, so it is important to keep trying.

Finding an outpatient program like Potomac Programs is also important because we treat the whole you. From changing the way we think, helping us manage our stress, learning new ways to communicate, and learning to manage our emotions better, this type of treatment is meant to create permanent change in you. You can also learn new skills to help manage your mental health.

Guarding Our Mental Health

Once we have managed to find some stability and are practicing skills to keep us healthy mentally, it is really important that we continue to practice all of the skills we learned. Our mental health is the key to “keeping it all together.” Not just the little things, but the big things, too. Once we learn how to live mentally healthy, we will want to do everything we can to stay healthy.

Mental Health Creates Success

The best part of learning to be mentally healthy is that we can be more successful than we ever imagined. All of those traits and behaviors that we thought were just “bad” or our “weaknesses” can dramatically become our strengths. People will see the change in us, and our self-esteem will explode. One of the biggest tragedies of untreated addiction and mental illness is that people think they are failures, or that they are not capable of achieving anything. But when you find your mental health, you will see who you were all along: a success.

If you feel like you just can’t get it together, try again. In addition to medical diagnoses and treatment, you can enroll in an outpatient program like Potomac Programs. You can find new ways of looking at your life, new ways to cope, and ways to obtain and maintain your mental health. You are amazing. You may not believe that, but success is always in your grasp. Call today to participate in a life-changing program that will help you to reach your fullest potential. Change your question to a statement: “I am completely together.”

Make the choice to treat your mental health today. Call Potomac Programs at 1-855-809-0409 today. Our outpatient programs can help you get your life together and succeed. 

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