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Lake House Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for preteen and teen girls right outside of Asheville, North Carolina. Committed to helping girls find confidence and healing while building resiliency, students at Lake House Academy receive holistic therapy services and participate in an accredited academic program in a healthy, home-like environment.

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Focused on meeting the needs of teen girls, Lake House sits on a tranquil lake nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, allowing students to step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and focus on healing. Since 2010, the school has been serving families and teen girls who want to reconnect with each other, while establishing and maintaining academic success and developing lifelong skills to thrive through adulthood.

Focused and rooted in a relational model, the treatment approach emphasizes Commitment, Acceptance, Security, and Attunement to create shared meaningful experiences leading to Co-Regulation and ultimately Self-Regulation .Lake House employs individualized neuro interventions integrated daily into academic and residential settings to promote emotional regulation.

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Lake House Academy also provides a nurturing and safe environment for students that is focused on relationships. Many students have difficulty making connections in safe relationships. The staff models and supports healthy boundaries, treating each student with care and respect, giving attention and love as part of the everyday intentional clinical model. Students enjoy experiential based off campus group curriculum each week as well as community activity integration.

Lake House Academy therapeutic boarding school helps preteen and teen girls overcome a range of mental health issues, including attachment struggles, issues arising from ADHD, adoption, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, mood disorders, social anxiety, ASD 1, navigating challenging peer relationships, trauma and other similar disorders.

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