A Residential Treatment Center for Adolescent and Teen Boys

Our innovative residential treatment program and school in Benton, Tennessee, for adolescents and teens were developed to help young men heal and grow. It combines extraordinary outdoor experiences, daily functional fitness activities, empathetic individual and family counseling, and exceptional educational rigor to help build greatness. Our facility focuses on the ability and willingness to engage in relationships as a key indicator of success.

Meet Your Clinical Director!

Jake McNelley

Residential Director

Residential Director, Jake McNelley, manages all aspects of the milieu with a smile. Working as Assistant Residential Director from August 2021- September 2022, Jake has a withstanding history of excellence in leading and developing teams. He brings these skills to…

Why Choose Our Residential Treatment Center in Tennessee?

We’re not only preparing adolescents and teens for the road ahead cognitively, physically, and emotionally but also taking into consideration their overall sense of being. This holistic educational experience with tactile and engaging life skills will help develop a deeper understanding of each youth’s core sense of self and initiate positive behavioral change.

Our program offers sophisticated inpatient mental health treatment and care:

  • Frequently reimbursed by insurance.
  • Full-time child and adolescent psychiatrist with over 22 years of experience.
  • Tailored evidenced-based treatments and therapies.
  • Holistic nutrition education; chef-prepared cuisine.
  • Ten hours of group therapy weekly.
  • Individualized two-hour individual and family therapy weekly.
  • Personalized academic assessment and credit recovery.
  • Daily functional fitness activities.
  • Weekly adventure therapy experiences.
  • Psychiatric medication review.
  • Psychological/educational evaluation.
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Daily Schedule Highlights

Our Tennessee center offers highly specialized residential treatment specifically designed to meet the needs of adolescent and teen boys struggling with mental health issues. Our facility’s Tennessee location was designed knowing that individuals and families heal best in homelike environments filled with a sense of safety, nurturing, comfort, and well-being.

Our daily schedule provides a balance of healing therapy, experiential activities, and school that can help youths create lives filled with joy. Here’s what adolescent and teen boys can expect during a day at our residential treatment program in Tennessee.

8:30 AM – Breakfast
9:00 AM – Group Therapy
10:00 AM – School
12:30 PM – Lunch
1:00 PM – Experiential Activity
2:00 PM – Sports
3:30 PM – Adventure Therapy
6:00 PM – Dinner
6:30 PM – Mindfulness/DBT
9:30 PM – Wind-Down/Journaling

Adventure Therapy and Experiential Activities

Our program uses the healing power of the outdoors to help your son reconnect with his body and emotions while fueling him with nutrition that reduces inflammation and helps his brain integrate the therapeutic work he’s doing. Daily functional fitness and adventure therapy activities engage the hands-on, tactile nature of your child so he internalizes what he’s learning, which builds confidence and self-esteem.


Arts and crafts
Music therapy
Equine therapy
REC therapy


Service projects


Movie theaters


White water rafting
Strength training
Rock wall climbing
Mountain biking


Mindfulness / DBT

Insurance Reimbursement

Residential treatment at our Benton, Tennesse, center is frequently reimbursed by insurance plans. To determine if your insurance plan will cover the cost of inpatient care, contact our team or fill out our insurance verification form. We’ll work with your insurance company for free to help you understand your benefits. Let us help you demystify insurance coverage for residential treatment.

Mental Health Treatment

Anxiety, depression, and suicide are on the rise, and young people are at risk today more than ever before. Too many adolescents and teens in and near Tennessee go through life struggling with these and other mental health issues.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Meet Your Therapists

Diane Stern

HR Director

Chris Johstoneaux, LCSW

Executive Director

Kristen Thompson

Clinical Outreach Specialist
Dr. Cassandra Simms 1

Dr. Cassandra Simms



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Sunday: 7AM - 3PM
Monday: 9AM - 7PM
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Saturday: 7AM - 3PM

Areas Served

  • Benton, TN
  • Alpharetta, GA
  • Chattanooga, TN
  • Nashville, TN
  • Washington, DC
  • Miami, FL
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Houston, TX
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Arlington, VA
  • Philadelphia, PA

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If you’re looking for a residential treatment center for adolescent and teen girls, we have programs that serve those youths in White Haven, Pennsylvania, and Springville, Utah.

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