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Awesome program! As a former client, I have grown a tremendous amount since embarking (get it) on my journey with this behavioral health program. The therapists are extremely understanding, flexible, and attentive and truly make an effort to create personalized plans for you. Everyone is super welcoming and it really has a family feel to it. If you want to meet people that will positively transform your life and help you develop into the best version of you I highly recommend it!!

Mother and teen daughter conveniently sign in for virtual iop session.


My daughter just finished the Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program and the results are incredible. She connected with people from all over the country during her therapy sessions. The entire staff is amazing and always made sure to keep myself and my husband informed of any changes in our daughter’s behavior. I would highly recommend this program as well as Embark. THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE TEAM! Our daughter has learned so much because of you.


Our 15 year old daughter completed the VIOP in the Spring of 2023. We live in a rural area and do not have access to a IOP within driving distance. We can’t say enough positive things about our experience with Embark. We found the program to be very well run with highly skilled professionals. The program has been developed especially for a virtual platform. The client participation requirements, individual therapy, medication management, and engagement with the entire family really set this program apart from other DBT options we explored in the past.


This program has absolutely changed my life. Being a former client of the VIOP program I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is struggling. Embark is the most welcoming and helpful program I have ever been a part of. They make sure the client’s voice is heard, along with the views of Parents/Guardians. I have learned countless DBT skills and have created long lasting relationships with my peers. I owe a huge thanks to the team at Embark for helping me create the life I deserve to live.

Father reflecting on relational trauma while sitting with daughter.


Embark was fantastic for our daughter. The staff and especially the therapist helped our daughter learn DBT skills necessary to help her with her OCD, depression, and anxiety. We highly recommend it!

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