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Embark Announces New Mental Health Benefit for Employees

Caitlin Burm
May 25, 2020

Tempe, Arizona – Embark Behavioral Health announced a new mental health care benefit for its employees today in partnership with Headspace, the premier guided meditation, mindfulness, movement and sleep app.

Beginning May 25, Embark employees will have access to Headspace for themselves and their families from their mobile devices, all at no cost.

Headspace is an innovative mental health provider that will assist Embark in connecting more employees to high-quality care – whether that be helping employees manage emotions, with their meditation or simply sleeping better.

Embark’s Chief Quality and People Officer, Landon Kirk, said this of the new benefit:

“Embark’s big, hairy, audacious goal (BHAG) is to reduce adolescent anxiety, depression and suicide – but we can only get there by ensuring that we are first supporting our employees and their mental health.”

This mental health care benefit was created amid the coronavirus pandemic and is the latest update in the company’s initiative to make benefits reflective of their core purpose and commitment to evolve to better meet employees’ needs in 2020.

About Embark

Embark Behavioral Health is a leading network of behavioral health treatment centers, for young people, that is dedicated to reversing the trends of anxiety, depression and suicide by 2028. For more information about Embark or our treatment programs, visit: embarkbh.com.

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