Renae Anguiano

Renae Anguiano

Position: Supervisor

Renae Anguiano did not plan to focus on adolescent girls when she started working in mental health. However, she quickly realized how much she loved it. This came about unexpectedly when she took her first job in treatment after getting a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marriage and Family Studies.

At a previous facility where she worked, many of the girls were struggling with overwhelming depression, abuse and trauma. Renae found she loved the experience of supporting and mentoring young women–particularly those who were considered tough cases. While at times the demands of her work were exhausting, Renae felt she gained much valuable experience and understanding. Additionally, learning opportunities soon presented themselves during an internship for Renae, working in a trauma center for children and families.

In May 2020, Renae started at Hobble Creek. She was looking for a broader opportunity and more involvement in the overall workings of residential treatment. From the opening of the facility and the admit of the first student, Renae has enjoyed seeing all the layers and elements of running a quality program come in to play and become a reality.

Renae loves to go on activities with the students, find ways to laugh with them and see their amazing successes. She feels that getting to know each one’s personality and their individual needs is the challenge that matters most to her. Renae brings warmth and insight to her position from experiences raising her own children. She loves mountains and beaches, reading a good book and hiking with her family.