Kylie Waters

Kylie Waters

Position: Life Coach Supervisor

Kylie Waters joined Embark at Hobble Creek at it’s opening in May 2020. Kylie has always found joy in serving and helping others, with many opportunities in her life to do so.

Mental health has been a challenge within generations of Kylie’s family and she is always looking for ways to help, motivate and positively impact those who also struggle.

One of her main passions is influencing others to see the worth they possess – particularly the admits here at Hobble Creek.

Currently working on an undergraduate degree in Statistics at Utah Valley University, with plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in the same field, Kylie hopes to work as a statistician for major sports teams, politics or mental health. Her interests include many sports, which love she shares with the students and staff. Basketball has been a favorite for most of her life, and she played on the Pleasant Grove High School basketball team. Kylie also enjoys hiking, traveling, reading and is a huge sports-fanatic!