Jessica Chang

Position: Case Manager/Psychiatric Technician

Jessica is a Case Manager and Psychiatric Technician here at Embark Behavioral Health at Campbell. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Natural Sciences from the University of Southern California. As a pre-medical student who has had numerous experiences in the field of medicine and research, Jessica has acknowledged the gap that currently exists in regards to behavioral health. She believes a true picture of “health” goes much beyond just physical being or attributes. She is passionate in believing that in order to be truly healthy and capable of achieving one’s best, one must also be healthy mentally. With her work here at Embark, Jessica strives to put her efforts towards closing the gap between mental health and the field of medicine. Additionally, Jessica has experienced first-hand the benefits of having academic mentors to guide and support her through her educational endeavors. She aspires to be able to provide the same for our kids at Embark by encouraging and supporting their educational goals as they navigate through their journey of healing