grant gamble

Grant Gamble

Position: Milieu Manager
Credentials: CADC-II

Grant Gamble, CADC-II started working in dual-diagnosis treatment in 2015 as a primary case manager for Sober College’s residential young adult program. He is a certified drug and alcohol counselor and is in the process of completing his Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. Grant has experience working with young adults diagnosed with both substance abuse and mental health diagnoses. He has a great interest and understanding of the recovery process for young adults with substance abuse dependency. Grant believes in an entire mind and body connection in order to maintain long-term recovery. He focuses on helping steer client’s focus on their individualized treatment plan by supporting them in five major competencies he believes are essential to the life long recovery process (Life Skills, Sobriety, Fitness, Productivity, and Emotional Well-Being). Grant is an avid swimmer, frequent live music attendee, and lover of all things ocean related! Grant is a Washingtonian by birth, but loves to incorporate the positive California vibes he inherited during his time in Los Angeles!