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Dru Forster

Position: Director of Public Relations

I have a heart for helping, I come from background of sales and marketing, with a degree in broadcast communications, I worked in the TV News industry as an associate producer/ digital journalist. This was always a dream of mine since I was a little girl watching the news on TV.

I’m going on 15 years of growing my sales and marketing career. I worked fearlessly for 8 years in the Hospice and Palliative care industry to educate families and patients on their end-of-life decisions. This was an eye-opening experience and gave me the knowledge to push through even when times get tough. I saw many people suffering and this put life in perspective because all I wanted to do was take the pain away.

My sales territories flourished, and I was able to build many office censuses and hit our company goals while still making an impact in the lives of hospice patients and families. This brought me so much joy and created a new purpose of living.

I believe we should live each day with kindness and compassion because our world needs it.

I am on the other side now and my prospective has changed in a different way by raising awareness of our adolescent mental health crisis. One thing we all know is change is inevitable, so I embrace this new experience with grace and determination knowing Embark is truly making difference in the community. Thank you, it’s an honor to be part of the family now and I’m excited to see Embark grow.