fulshear Norma Clarke 1

Dr. Norma V.L. Clarke

Norma is a board-certified psychiatrist with extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in acute care, residential and outpatient settings. Norma spent five years prior to joining Fulshear serving as the medical director for the Adolescent Treatment Program at the Menninger Clinic. She takes a highly relational approach to working with Fulshear students, stating she has “learned the value of careful history taking and slow and careful medication management for all diagnostic categories.”

Norma has expertise in diagnosing and treating bipolar disorders, personality disorders, PTSD, mood disorders, and psychotic disorders. She believes that medications do not represent the end point in a treatment plan; Norma believes correcting dysfunctional habits of thinking and erroneous beliefs, and teaching stress management techniques are critical complements to psychopharmacology.

Norma takes a personal interest in every Fulshear student and says, “I love-and I mean it-watching the dramatic changes as the girls at Fulshear improve!”

In addition to her busy schedule as a psychiatrist, Norma finds time for hiking, nature, reading, cooking, and baking bread.