Atira 2

Atira Zeoli

Position: Executive Director

Atira has worn many hats since she joined Embark Behavioral Health in 2016. Hired as the clinic’s Compliance Officer, she then served as the Director of Operations for three years before stepping into her current role. Prior to that she had years of experience managing and leading retail businesses. She also spent more than a decade providing care and tutoring to children and teens with trauma, anxiety, depression, and ASD.

As a teacher in the Palyul tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, Atira is passionate about connecting people to the therapeutic, spiritual and creative tools that help them befriend their own minds and the world around them. She offers classes on how to develop wisdom and compassion through meditation and mind-training.

Atira is a strong proponent of the healing power of the arts and has been leading poetry workshops in schools since 2004. In her spare time, Atira enjoys reading, writing poetry, creating art, and exploring the great outdoors with her husband.