Adriana Golshan

Position: Dance/Movement Therapist

Adriana Golshan, M.S., R-DMT, is a Dance/Movement Therapist at Embark with a passion for helping people reach their full potential. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology and dance from Wesleyan University and her Master’s degree in dance/movement therapy from Sarah Lawrence College. With a strong background in working with children and young adults in palliative care with medically complex illnesses, children and young adults with autism, and adolescents and adults with eating disorders, Adriana brings a wealth of expertise to her work. Adriana’s therapeutic approach is centered on the belief that every person is a unique, multi-dimensional individual with a rich internal world. She creates a supportive and inclusive environment in which her clients can explore their deepest selves and discover new avenues for growth and healing. Her person-centered, humanistic approach prioritizes collaboration and creativity, and she tailors each therapeutic experience to meet the unique needs and goals of her clients. In her free time, Adriana enjoys spending quality time with her family, cooking and baking, and taking her dog, Skyy, for walks in the park. ”