A Short-Term Residential Treatment Center in Utah

Located in Springville, Utah, our short-term residential treatment center is nestled in the foothills of the awe-inspiring Wasatch Mountains, right in Hobble Creek Canyon. Our beautiful, serene location near the Springville freshwater springs provides the perfect setting for adolescent and teen girls to heal and grow. The homelike environment offers an oasis removed from city life but is just 55 miles away from Salt Lake City for group activities and events. 

Our facility offers inpatient treatment for adolescents and teens who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. We provide a healing, nurturing, and safe environment to help girls and their families address and overcome the issues that may be affecting their everyday lives. 

If you’re looking for a short-term residential program for adolescent and teen boys, we have a program that serves those youths in Benton, Tennessee.  

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Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

We believe that substance abuse and addiction co-occur alongside many mental health struggles. With that in mind, our short-term residential treatment center helps youths understand how to navigate difficult drug and alcohol issues while also overcoming mental illnesses.

Our inpatient treatment options include self-management and recovery training (SMART), substance abuse recovery, substance abuse counseling,and substance abuse education. These treatment options help young people understand how to navigate difficult drug and alcohol issues while also overcoming mental illnesses. 

Teen and adolescent girls receiving therapy for anxiety and depression at short term residential treatment center.

Conditions We Treat 

Inpatient Treatment and Therapies Offered


Our Therapists and Team

Katie Balling

Katie Balling

Katie has been passionate about serving others since at a young age. Katie’s first experience working in a service-oriented field began with adults with intellectual disabilities. She continued for several years while attending the University of Utah, ultimately obtaining a degree in Recreational Therapy, and a minor in psychology. Upon graduation, she felt drawn to the mental health field and completed an internship at an inpatient psychiatric hospital, working with veterans, adolescents, and individuals with substance use disorders. The experience brought a passion in working with adolescents and led to work at another residential treatment center for adolescent females. Katie joined the Hobble Creek team in January of 2021, developing further experiential programming to provide to Hobble Creek clients. Katie is a firm believer in the power of experiential programming and the direct influence it has to develop resiliency, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. Katie has had the pleasure of presenting her benefits research several times, at the Utah Recreational Therapy Association annual conferences, and is an active member of that professional organization. In her free time, Katie enjoys photography, walking her two corgis dogs, rock climbing, and trying new things.
Katie Balling

Katie Balling

Katie has been passionate about serving others since at a...

A Day in the Life of Our Therapists

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Insurance Reimbursement 

Our short-term residential treatment in Utah is frequently reimbursed by insurance plans. To determine if your insurance plan will cover the cost of inpatient care, contact our team or fill out ourinsurance verification form. We’ll work with your insurance company for free to help you understand your benefits. Let us help you demystify insurance coverage for short-term residential treatment. 

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Short-Term Residential Treatment Serving Youths From Utah and Across the Country

Our program is proud to offer short-term residential treatment to those in Utah and across the country. We provide a unique developmental framework that allows us to heal and strengthen the functional, mental, and physical strength of your child and of other adolescents and teens who come from many different backgrounds and upbringings. Our peaceful, therapeutic environment in the mountains of Utah and high standards of treatment provides the perfect environment for youths to overcome difficult mental health issues. 

Short-term residential treatment center therapist talks to teen girls about mental health issues.
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Therapeutic and Experiential Activities

In addition to traditional therapy methods, your adolescent or teen will also participate in therapeutic and experiential activities. These activities will help your daughter learn how to apply the skills learned at the program in real-world environments while also learning healthy and appropriate ways to enjoy life. 

Here are some examples of activities your daughter can participate in at our residential treatment center in Utah: 

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Animal interactions


Making dreamcatchers


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Laser tag


Service projects



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Attending plays

Improv workshops

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Rock climbing


Roller skating


Trampoline park

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Salt cave

Sound bath

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Utah Short-Term Residential Program FAQ

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Reviews of Our Short-Term Residential Center in Utah 

Rox TRox T
02:55 17 Dec 22
Hobble Creek was a life saver for my daughter and for me. From the initial phone call to Jamie in admissions to the graduation my daughter took place in, lives were changed.You never know what to expect when you leave your vulnerable child in the hands of people you don’t know, dropping her off and leaving her there was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But the staff was extremely capable and constantly reassured me, whether by words or by actions.Katie was so responsive when I had questions, Michael…BEST THERAPIST EVER!The life coaches, Judy the nurse, Holly, Emily, Melissa, Donny just to name a few, all great!My girl did very well, able to reconnect with herself and apply learned coping and life skills that I’m already seeing her put into use here at home.I am so glad she experienced this!
Veronica DaileyVeronica Dailey
18:59 30 Nov 22
Embark in Utah was one of the most life changing experiences for our family. Embark is not a place you just “drop your child off and leave.” It is family focused and encourages and includes family participation every step of your child’s road to recovery. They allow open communication with the parents and the staff at all times via email and phone, keep the parents up to date with exciting daily activity’s.One of the most important aspects of this program is their willingness to work with my daughters home state High School. They were so good with communicating with her guidance counselors and ensuring she was able to continue her classes with her home state teachers so as to not fall behind when she returned to school.My daughter ranted a raved about the chef and the food onsite. Thank you, Brad. The on-site nurse and psychiatrists listen to the kids and how they are feeling with their medications. Thank you, Judy!!! And the MAGICIAN himself, her therapist: Mike S. You will forever be a very special part of our family’s life.Thank you to all the staff there, there are so many amazing people there - too many to mention. We are so excited to begin the next chapter of our life with all the wonderful tools you provided both my daughter and the rest of our family.Definitely 5 stars and the moon!
Justin BattisteJustin Battiste
04:36 05 Nov 22
Embark Hobble Creek provided my daughter with life changing experiences and skills that will last her a lifetime. The clinical team is extremely professional and very caring, giving you, the parent, the peace of mind and confidence that your teenage daughter is in great hands. They incorporate various levels of therapy, psychiatric treatment, group activities, and 24/7 hands on care to help your teenage daughter get back on the right path.A special thank you to the team at Hobble Creek- Katie, Tanya, Lorraine, Judi, Cara, Brian, Tiffany, and last but not least, Betsy (an amazing therapist), and anyone else that I may have forgotten!For parents in a difficult position wondering how to get your teenage daughter the help she needs, look no further than Embark! They will provide your child with the proper care and skills they need to get back on track and be successful.
Dana JensenDana Jensen
02:45 22 Jul 22
Embark at Hobble Creek transformed my daughter and I can’t thank them enough for the level of care, tools, and support that they gave her and our family. Cameron is an exceptional therapist and helped our family in profound ways. I highly recommend this place for parents looking for a safe place to send their teenager.
Robin NickRobin Nick
21:48 11 Jul 22
Our experience with the team at Embark at Hobble Creek has been truly amazing. Our daughter voluntarily entered the program knowing she needed what Hobble Creek offered to provide. While expectations were high, we were all blown away. From the first family meeting to her graduation ceremony, the entire team at HC provided professional, caring, and personalized support. I cannot say enough about Cameron. He met our daughter where she was at and helped her recognize what work she needed to do to reach her goals. Her personal growth while at HC (as well as our growth as her parents) can not be overstated. We are very grateful to the entire HC team (Cameron, Kim, Laura, Carsen, Judi, and Katie…just to name a few of the staff members my daughter will miss!) and we highly recommended this program.
Jacinda TownsendJacinda Townsend
23:32 27 Jun 22
Hobble Creek is nothing short of a miracle. Cameron is so wonderful, and helped my daughter Rhianna sort through so so so very much. Brooke was so warm and caring, as were Katie and Nicki. My daughter came home about a month ago, and I still feel like I have a brand new kid who is back to her old self again. Hobble Creek taught her more than coping skills and calming habits--she learned how to renew her joy and find purpose amidst the maddening world. I will be eternally grateful to Hobble Creek for all and sundry.
Not LailaNot Laila
15:52 21 Jun 22
I prefer to not leave bad reviews, but I feel I have no choice. The staff treated badly, making mean comments, talking down to me, unfairly punishing me, and even talking behind my back. They didn't give me very good therapy. Multiple therapy sessions were just my therapist trying to get me to feel bad for one of the staff. They also took my parents' side a lot. If I had a relapse, they hardly even talked to me about it or help me work through it, they just moved me further back in my treatment. I saw other students being treated much better, getting more help, and also being able to get away with a lot. I'm disappointed.
Crystal MisenheimerCrystal Misenheimer
20:01 16 Jun 22
I was very impressed with the care that my daughter received at Embark Hobble Creek. All of the staff that we worked with were very caring and supportive, and I knew 100% that my daughter was in a safe and helpful environment during the hardest time my family has ever gone through. The home is in a beautiful and peaceful environment, which really helped my daughter to re-center. And while this road is not an easy one to travel for any child or family, she made great improvement at Embark and has come home so much more stable, stronger, and capable of dealing with things than when she arrived at Embark. If you're like me you'll research many facilities before you decide where to send your child, and you will read a lot of scary things along the way. I am very happy to report that my daughter experienced only positive things while at Embark, and because of her care there we can see hope for her again.
Melissa ViatorMelissa Viator
22:48 10 Jun 22
We very much felt welcome and admittance went well. The team took the time to introduce themselves to us and learn our daughters name correctly!Hobble Creek team worked well with our insurance too. Our daughters therapist was very well trained, replied the same day, knew about R.A.D. and childhood trauma. He was also EMDR trained.Life coaches were present on off hours.The home was very well maintained.Our daughter participated jn nature therapy, Equine therapy and even had several fun outings.Hobble Creek offered a good structure/schedule.We had the to choose thwir education curriculum or our homeschool. Very structured requirements for kida advancing through phases. Compared to other residential homes where our daughter moved too fast.Only downsides were the Psych/nurse was hard to get a hold of (never talked to doctor) and wanted to add medications instead of remove unnecessary ones.Unfortunately insurance cut our daughters stay short (but no fault of Hobble Creek, which tried to convince insurance for more time).
Thomas WIgginThomas WIggin
21:54 20 May 22
Embark was fantastic for our daughter. The staff and especially the therapist helped our daughter learn DBT skills nessasary to help her with her OCD, depression and anxiety. We highly recomemd it!
Ava FrancescaAva Francesca
20:24 19 May 22
This place was very depressing and did not help my daughter at all. I put way too much into this place for it to not help her out. They told me that they would help her, but instead did the opposite. She came back after three months with cuts and bruises all down her arms and legs. I do not recommend Embark Hobble Creek to any families with girls struggling with mental health issues. The staff is also very biased
Tiana KovacevicTiana Kovacevic
00:52 10 May 22
i do not recommend- this was a horrible experience for me along with others. Staff did not know how to handle mental health. i felt ignored, neglected and unsafe the whole entire time. this place is absolutely NOT equipped to handle eating disorders, anger, depression or any other mental illnesses. do not send your child here.
Myles ArloMyles Arlo
22:59 05 Apr 22
I loved the people here. I genuinely got much better here, if you’re looking for somewhere to get better, I recommend Embark at hobble creek! I’ll warn you some of the staff are pretty not cool though. My therapist was Cameron and he helped me a lot 🙂
N ChristianN Christian
16:05 14 Dec 21
There really isn’t enough ways to say thank you to this amazing facility and it’s staff.My daughter had experienced severe trauma and was struggling for a long time with PTSD, amongst other things. Her therapist Cameron was AMAZING. Not only with helping her, but also helping our family. Family therapy sessions were helpful and the parent trainings were not only informational but also a support for my husband and myself. It is a very difficult time and knowing you have other people who can relate to you and support you was amazing!! But Embark doesn’t start and stop at the facility. They continue to offer support to the girls as well as the parents even after your child graduates.If I could change one thing it would be with the psychiatrist. It’s not that she wasn’t helpful it was more that she didn’t fit the Embark mold. The employees at Embark were instrumental in our day to day life while our daughter was in their facility. We had multiple calls from staff members each week providing status updates on our daughter and with the Psychiatrist we had to ask for a meeting.This was a very difficult decision for us to send our daughter to a residential facility.If you are looking for an amazing place that will treat your child like you would, THIS IS IT!!Do not hesitate, Hobble Creek is an amazing facility !
Erin MitchellErin Mitchell
13:00 13 Dec 21
Embark literally saved my daughter's life. I would 1 million percent recommend Embark to anyone with a daughter struggling with depression, self harm, suicide ideation, eating disorders, etc. My 13 year old had lost all hope. She had a plan to end it all. We were guided to Embark and we never looked back. Her therapist was AMAZING. Her life coaches were AMAZING. Her medical needs were watched and met and discussed with us all along the way. Our daughter was at Embark for 13 weeks and we never once worried about her safety or if she was getting the help she needed. I will forever be grateful to Embark for bringing the light back into our daughter's eyes. She has her sparkle back.
M&N L.M&N L.
13:50 09 Nov 21
After many hours of research and phone calls to behavioral centers across the United States, my wife and I kept coming back to the first center we contacted, Embark at Hobble Creek. Embark offered everything we were looking for as we sought out care for our teenage daughter who was struggling with mental health issues: a secluded environment, a small center for girls with a high counselor to patient ratio, intensive individual and family counseling, a holistic approach, a psychiatrist who assists with medication management, and the ability for our daughter to continue her schoolwork while she was away. From the first to the final step, we were continually impressed with the professionalism, competency, and care displayed by the staff. Our daughter flourished during her time at Embark and came home equipped with the tools and skills needed to combat her depression and anxiety. We are so grateful for the compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional staff at Hobble Creek, and we highly recommend Embark at Hobble Creek.
Michael MullerMichael Muller
23:58 26 Oct 21
Embark at Hobble Creek was outstanding for my daughter who recently graduated from the program. The staff, from top to bottom, was great in how they were able to connect with my daughter in ways that no one else could! They kept us in the loop daily and we were involved with everything they offered. The location is perfect for the girls to be able to progress and relax at the same time. These programs are few and far between, so we were extremely happy to find Embark and to see the the positive impact it has made on our daughter and family.
Meiera SternMeiera Stern
22:26 21 Oct 21
This place was a godsend for our family and our teenage daughter, who had been struggling with mental health even before the pandemic. The program really helped her take crucial steps to heal. And the staff were all amazing. It’s a well-run program, everyone is safe, and they teach DBT skills thoroughly and well. They are also pretty transparent with parents, and welcome you for visits, which were a highlight. My only criticism is that the program is great while you’re there, but after you leave there is not much continuity of care. In fact, we needed a referral from one of the therapists to get our daughter into an outpatient program after she graduated and the therapist said she’d provide it, but even after reminders she didn’t. So get any paperwork you need before your daughter leaves! But do send your kids. It’s a quality place with quality people, who do a good job in the program.


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Other Embark Short-Term Residential Programs

If you’re looking for a program on the East Coast, check out our short-term residential treatment center in Whitehaven, Pennsylvania, also for adolescent and teen girls. You can also view our other short-term care locations.   

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A Continuum of Mental Health Care Offered Across the U.S.   

Family enjoys time together after talking about mental health treatment for anxiety and depression at Embark Behavioral Health.


If short-term residential programs don’t offer the level of care your adolescent or teen needs, Embark Behavioral Health offers a range of exceptional treatment and therapy options across the United States. 

From virtual counseling to outpatient therapy, our robust continuum of care will provide the right level of treatment to help your child overcome difficult mental health challenges.    

Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how they’re changing the lives of adolescents, teens, and young adults across the U.S., helping them embrace a fulfilling and purposeful future.   

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