A Residential Treatment Center for Female Youths in Oregon

Adolescent daughter and mother in a healthy therapeutic relationship after treatment at Embark Behavioral health.

Our residential treatment center in Bend, Oregon, provides inpatient mental health treatment for preteen and teen girls, nonbinary individuals, and transgender females, struggling with behavioral health issues. Our treatment center's beautiful location provides a peaceful, serene setting for your family member to reflect and grow. This program features outdoor therapeutic activities, such as rock climbing, yoga, and more. 

For youths who are struggling with issues like attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), borderline personality disorder (BPD), depression, self-harm, and other mental health issues, the earlier they’re diagnosed, the more effective residential treatment can be. Identifying those behaviors and symptoms early and getting help, including specialized inpatient treatment, can prevent further and more severe problems from developing later. 

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Mental Health Treatment

Anxiety, depression, and suicide are on the rise, and young people are at risk today more than ever before. Too many adolescents and teens in and near Oregon go through life struggling with these and other mental health issues.  It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Conditions Our Continuum of Care Treats

Inpatient Treatment and Therapies Offered in Our Continuum of Care

Our residential treatment centers’ behavioral health services are highly recognized. Specialized inpatient mental health treatments and areas of focus at our programs include: 

Our Therapists and Team

Camber Perrigan

Position: Therapist

Camber Perrigan


Caroline Wolf

Position: Therapist

Caroline Wolf


Maryann Deke

Position: Special Education Director

Maryann Deke

Special Education Director

Mimi Miller

Position: Admissions Director

Mimi Miller

Admissions Director

Molly Allen

Position: Academic Coordinator
Originally from Minnesota, Molly graduated with a degree in Psychology from Augsburg University located in Minneapolis Minnesota. Shortly after graduating, Molly discovered her love for working with kids. Molly has been working in the mental health field since 2015. Prior to moving to Oregon, Molly worked at an IOP clinic where she assisted in running various therapeutic groups including mindfulness, social emotional learning, life skills and so on. While working at Embark she has had various roles but specifically found a love for the academic setting. She has worked in the school supporting youth inside and outside of the classroom. One of her favorite roles in the academic setting is getting to know the students while also assisting them in developing skills and tools to help them be successful in the classroom and beyond. Outside of work, Molly enjoys playing and coaching soccer, exploring beautiful central Oregon, and spending time with friends and family.

Molly Allen

Academic Coordinator

Originally from Minnesota, Molly graduated with a degree in Psychology...

Stephanie Lucas, LMFT

Position: Clinical Director
Stephanie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Oregon, a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor I and EMDRIA certified in EMDR. She is a graduate of the University of Oregon Couple and Family Therapy program and has a long history of work as a life coach, residential and outpatient counselor for children, adolescents, adults and families during her 13 years in the field. Most recently she owned a small private practice in Bend for seven years, specializing in systemic therapy and trauma before stepping into the role of Clinical Director with Embark. She utilizes EMDR, IFS and SFT to empower clients and families towards growth and healing. Stephanie is a lifelong Oregonian and wouldn’t have it any other way. When not in the office, you can find her in her garden or playing outside with her husband and two young girls.

Stephanie Lucas, LMFT

Clinical Director

Stephanie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Oregon,...

Wendy Jensen

Position: Executive Assistant
Wendy was raised in Oregon and has worked in administrative accounting and bookkeeping since 1994. This experience has included a broad range of assignments for various CPA firms prior to joining our team in 2014. When not at work, Wendy enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, biking, skiing and spending time with her 3 children in beautiful Central Oregon.

Wendy Jensen

Executive Assistant

Wendy was raised in Oregon and has worked in administrative...

Amber Hailey

Position: Program Director
Originally from North Carolina, Amber graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina-Asheville. Amber joined our team in 2010. Amber has held many roles here including Therapeutic Advisor, House Manager and Program Director. Amber had a couple of leaves of absence where she served youth and families in community mental health in North Carolina and when she needed to care for her son’s medical needs. Amber has a passion for program evolution, supporting LGBTQIA+ students, meeting kids where they are at, and supporting parents through the process. In her free time, you can find Amber at one of Bend’s many parks, paddle boarding, mountain biking and enjoying time with her husband, son and daughter.

Amber Hailey

Program Director

Originally from North Carolina, Amber graduated with a degree in...

Jennifer Parker

Position: Director of Professional Relations
Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science degree from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA in Recreation Administration. Jen has worked at our program since 2002, starting as the Activities Coordinator, then working as a Residential Coach/Counselor and Human Resources/Operations Manager before moving into the Admissions role. Prior to working in the mental health field, Jen worked with various youth organizations providing activities and sports programming for youth, teens and families. Jen has lived in Bend since 1996 and loves spending time in the outdoors with her husband and two children. She enjoys skiing, camping and mountain biking.

Jennifer Parker

Director of Professional Relations

Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science degree from California Polytechnic...

Kathy Tiller, RN

Position: Registered Nurse
Kathy has been the Program Nurse for 15 years. She was born and raised in Southern California. Moved to Bend in 1990 with her husband. She graduated from Central Oregon Community College with a degree in Nursing and has held her Oregon Registered Nurse license for 30 years. Her experience has ranged from working in a hospital setting to an allergy clinic and then she settled on mental health programs for adolescents as her preferred passion. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her husband and dog, visiting her adult children, and enjoying the incredible outdoors of Central and Eastern Oregon.

Kathy Tiller, RN

Registered Nurse

Kathy has been the Program Nurse for 15 years. She...

Dr. Erin Sutton, MD

Position: Psychiatrist
Erin is a board-certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist that has had the pleasure of working with children and adults with a variety of diagnoses and acuity levels in the past several years. She is adept in individual, group and family therapy as well as comprehensive medication management services. Erin additionally is the owner of Peak Psychiatry, a private outpatient practice in Bend. Erin graduated from the University of Colorado with a double major in Biology/Psychology and a minor in Neuroscience. She attended medical school at St. George’s University, with coursework in England and Grenada, West Indies. Following an internship in Thailand, she worked rotations at various hospitals in New York City, including Manhattan Psychiatric Center. Erin completed her residency at Loyola University in Chicago and completed her fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Duke University in Durham, NC. She is happy to have settled with her family in beautiful Bend, OR where she grew up.

Dr. Erin Sutton, MD


Erin is a board-certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist that has...

Deveney Marshall, BA

Position: Executive Director
Deveney started her career in the behavioral health field in 2002 as a trip leader in an experiential program that served adjudicated youth. She fell in love with the field and never looked back. She has held a variety of positions including direct care staff, case manager, program director and executive director. She has consistently run highly inclusive programs that excel at meeting the needs of the LGBTQIA+ population. She is a strong advocate for families receiving services while their youth are in treatment. She started a wraparound service program which was utilized by 85% of the families in programming assuring that clients were returning to a strengthened family unit post treatment. After 15 years running a therapeutic boarding school for this population, Deveney joined the Embark team in January of 2023. She is excited to be part of a mission driven organization that focuses on providing effective services to families and students. Deveney and her partner Jim live in Bend, Oregon with their two kids Iris and Forest.

Deveney Marshall, BA

Executive Director

Deveney started her career in the behavioral health field in...

Insurance Reimbursement

Insurance plans frequently reimburse residential treatment at our facility. To determine if your plan will cover the cost of inpatient care, contact our team or fill out our insurance verification form. We’ll work with your insurance company for free to help you understand your benefits. Let us help you demystify insurance coverage for residential treatment. 

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We Serve Families Across the Country

Our treatment center in Oregon offers coed residential care and support for preteen and teen girls who may be struggling with mental health issues like BPD, OCD, ADHD, depression, self-harm, bipolar disorder, and more in a healing, nurturing environment. 

We’re honored to offer clients and families in Bend, Oregon, and around the country customized behavioral health treatment from clinicians who use evidence-based methods.  

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A Day at Our Treatment Center 

Our residential facility offers a structured, supportive environment designed to promote healing, self-care, and emotional wellness. The schedule for youths at our Bend, Oregon, treatment facility includes mental health and daily living activities, individual and group therapy, exercise, and meals. This approach, in combination with family therapy, is designed to build confidence, strengthen relationships, and improve social-emotional functioning. 

7 a.m.
Wake up

7:30 a.m.

8 a.m.

8:30 a.m.

12:30 p.m.

3 p.m.
Group therapy

4 p.m.
Outdoor activities

6 p.m.

8 p.m. Evening routine

9:30 p.m.

Therapeutic Activities at Our Oregon Treatment Center 

In addition to traditional therapy methods, our residential treatment center’s beautiful location in Oregon allows youths to participate in therapeutic and experiential activities, such as painting, baking, attending plays, and hiking. 

Here are some examples of activities preteen and teen girls can participate in: 

Emotional Icon


Therapeutic horsemanship program 

Bunny time 


Making dreamcatchers 

Sensory room 


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Laser tag 


Service projects 

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Rock climbing 


Roller skating 






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A Safe Place for Healing: High Standards of Treatment at Embark

Our residential program is dedicated to providing high standards of treatment to preteens and teens. According to those standards, we use the least restrictive practices possible to ensure young people don’t harm themselves or others while they work through serious mental health challenges. We never use mechanical restraints, such as straps that confine someone to a bed; chemical restraints, which are medications that can sedate someone or limit movement; or seclusion or solitary confinement.  

Each quarter, the Oregon Children’s Care Licensing Program collects data on how programs in the state use restraints and involuntary seclusion. You can see our latest report below. 

Bend, Oregon Treatment Center FAQ

During residential care at our Bend, Oregon, treatment center, youths maintain a shared schedule designed to help heal mental health issues. On a typical day, they’ll wake up and eat a healthy breakfast; do yoga or meditate; participate in a range of group and individual therapies; take part in therapeutic activities, like gardening and hiking; and wind down at night with a nutritious dinner and group support. This shared schedule provides 24 hours of care so preteen and teen girls can learn healthy ways of living and overcome difficult mental health issues. 

The biggest difference between a typical inpatient treatment program and our program is the environment. While a typical inpatient facility has a hospitalization environment, our residential treatment center provides a nurturing, healing setting in beautiful Bend, Oregon, where youths can work through difficult mental health issues like BPD, OCD, ADHD, and depression. 

The length of treatment differs for each preteen or teen, but on average, residential treatment at our Bend, Oregon, center lasts around 90 days. 

Youths go to our Bend, Oregon, treatment center because of the intensive 24-hour residential care it provides for a wide range of mental health issues, such as self-harm, BPD, OCD, and ADHD. Our program can be a wonderful option for preteen and teen girls who have safety issues, lack support at home, or need a high level of care after inpatient hospitalization or outpatient treatment. 

Residential care at our Bend, Oregon, treatment center can be necessary when a preteen or teen’s mental health needs are too great for an outpatient center or when they’re stepping down a level of care from a hospitalization program. It can also be an excellent option if someone feels unsafe at home or is trying to break out of a negative daily routine. 



It can be hard for youths to think about or accept going to a residential treatment center to address their difficult mental health issues. Help motivate your preteen or teen to embrace this type of treatment by asking open-ended questions about their situation and how this experience could improve it. Reassure them you’ll provide support by participating in family therapy during their stay and maintaining regular communication with them while they’re at the facility. Share success stories from residential treatment programs. We’re happy to provide a few testimonials from our Embark locations. 

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A Continuum of Mental Health Care Offered Across the U.S.

Multicultural Family Success Adolescent Teen Anxiety Treatment Embark Behavioral Health

If residential treatment doesn’t offer the level of care your preteen or teen needs, Embark Behavioral Health offers exceptional treatment and therapy options across the U.S.

From a virtual intensive outpatient program (IOP) to outpatient therapy, our robust continuum of care will provide the right level of treatment to help your child overcome difficult mental health challenges.

Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how they’re changing the lives of adolescents, teens, and young adults across the U.S., helping them embrace a fulfilling and purposeful future.

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