Embark at Hobble Creeklocated in Springville, Utah, and nestled in the foothills of the awe-inspiring Wasatch Mountains, right in Hobble Creek Canyon. The location is really special and named Springville because of the many freshwater springs in the area. You feel like you are miles and miles away from anyone, but actually only 55 minutes from Salt Lake City.

Embark at Hobble Creek offers short-term residential care for pre-teen and teen girls ages 12-17 that are struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. We provide a healing, nurturing and safe environment to help families and their daughter's address and overcome the issues that may be affecting their everyday life.

If you are looking for a short-term residential program for pre-teen and teen boys, visit Embark at the Forge.

When is the Best Time?

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For teen girls experiencing and struggling with relationship and emotional issues, the earlier the intervention, the more effective treatment can be. Identifying those behaviors and symptoms early on, and implementing a course of care that includes specialized treatment, can prevent further and more severe problems from developing as they grow into adults.

Short-term treatment typically lasts between one and three months. Pre-teens and teens best suited for short-term treatment often come to Hobble Creek from another treatment program or an unsuccessful living environment seeking a 24-hour continuum of care. In our nurturing home-like environment, we provide an empathetic and supportive therapeutic structure that helps pre-teens and teens manage their daily life tasks and make healthy lifestyle changes.

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Short-Term Residential Treatment in Utah and Across the Country

Embark at Hobble Creek is proud to offer short-term residential treatment in Utah and across the country. We provide a unique developmental framework that allows us to heal and strengthen the functional, mental, and physical strength of your child alongside other adolescents that come from many different backgrounds and upbringings. Our peaceful, therapeutic environment in the mountains of Utah and high standards of treatment provides the perfect environment for your child to work alongside other pre-teens and teens from all over the United States to overcome difficult mental health issues.

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Embark at Hobble Creek FAQ

In short-term residential treatment at Embark at Hobble Creek, pre-teen and teen girls will live at our beautiful residential treatment center in Utah and participate in a schedule of activities centered around treating mental health conditions and healing. The benefit of short-term care at Embark at Hobble Creek is that it is more affordable than long-term care, the shorter care we provide makes it easier for adolescents to jump back into life at home, and it is frequently reimbursed by insurance.

The main differences between short-term care at Embark at Hobble Creek and inpatient treatment are the treatment environments and lengths of care. Embark at Hobble Creek’s beautiful location in Springville provides pre-teens and teens with a home-like environment and a schedule that mirrors home life, but has more therapy mixed in throughout the day. Inpatient treatment usually takes place in a hospital environment. Embark at Hobble Creek also provides a longer treatment time in comparison to inpatient treatment, which can last around 30 days on average.

The length of treatment differs for each pre-teen and teen, but on average our treatment periods can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

People from all over the United States come to Embark at Hobble Creek due to the intensive 24-hour care it can provide for a wide range of mental health and substance abuse issues. For pre-teens and teens who have educational needs, safety issues, lack of support at home, need intensive treatment after inpatient care, or needed a more in-depth treatment option after outpatient treatment, treatment at Embark at Hobble Creek can be a good option.

Embark at Hobble Creek’s treatments are necessary when your pre-teen or teen’s mental health needs are too great for outpatient care, or when they are stepping down in treatment intensity, for example from an inpatient hospitalization program. Short-term residential treatment can also be a good option if someone feels unsafe at home, or for those who are trying to break out of a negative daily routine.

Engaging Therapeutic and Experiential Activities

In addition to traditional therapy methods, your teen will also participate in therapeutic and experiential activities. We implement these activities for your teen to not only get a break from the house but also learn how to apply the skills learned on campus in real-world environments, while also learning healthy and appropriate ways to find enjoyment in life.

All the activities that we do fall within one of the five domains of functioning which include social functioning, emotional functioning, intellectual functioning, physical functioning, or spiritual functioning. We also love to hear suggestions of ideas from each of our students and take their interests into account when scheduling the monthly activities. Here are some examples of activities that we do that fall under each category:

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Animal interactions


Making dreamcatchers


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Laser tag


Service projects



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Attending plays

Improv workshops

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Rock climbing


Roller skating


Trampoline park

Spiritual Icon Green



Salt cave

Sound bath

Read more about Embark’s Short-Term residential Treatment Centers, or visit our sister program, Embark at the Poconos, also for pre-teen and teen girls, or Embark at The Forge, created uniquely for the needs of pre-teen and teen boys.

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Conditions We Treat

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Tour Embark at Hobble Creek

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The Hobble Creek Team

Renae Anguiano

Renae Anguiano

Position: Supervisor
Renae Anguiano did not plan to focus on adolescent girls when she started working in mental health. However, she quickly realized how much she loved it. This came about unexpectedly when she took her first job in treatment after getting a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marriage and Family Studies. At a previous facility where she worked, many of the girls were struggling with overwhelming depression, abuse and trauma. Renae found she loved the experience of supporting and mentoring young women–particularly those who were considered tough cases. While at times the demands of her work were exhausting, Renae felt she gained much valuable experience and understanding. Additionally, learning opportunities soon presented themselves during an internship for Renae, working in a trauma center for children and families. In May 2020, Renae started at Hobble Creek. She was looking for a broader opportunity and more involvement in the overall workings of residential treatment. From the opening of the facility and the admit of the first student, Renae has enjoyed seeing all the layers and elements of running a quality program come in to play and become a reality. Renae loves to go on activities with the students, find ways to laugh with them and see their amazing successes. She feels that getting to know each one’s personality and their individual needs is the challenge that matters most to her. Renae brings warmth and insight to her position from experiences raising her own children. She loves mountains and beaches, reading a good book and hiking with her family.
Renae Anguiano

Renae Anguiano


Renae Anguiano did not plan to focus on adolescent girls...

S. Marie Lundeen

S. Marie Lundeen

S. Marie Lundeen had a change of direction in her life in 2007 – she made the decision to go back to school. Earning an RN degree from Snow College in Ephraim, Utah, she is currently working on a Bachelor of Science Nursing degree through Western Governor’s University, with plans to continue education toward her PNP (Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner). Marie loves her family of three daughters, one son, and four cats. Her son is married, and she looks forward to her first grand-baby later this year. She loves music, nature and being outdoors, which includes camping and traveling to new places. Marie learned to play the piano from her grandmother when very young. She finds cross-stitch and crocheting both relaxing and rewarding. Marie has loved working with teenagers in treatment since 2016. Here at Hobble Creek, she gets a sense of working with family. “I feel like it’s another family – the girls are a lot of fun, my co-workers are amazing, and I feel like I’m making a difference in the lives of our students.”
S. Marie Lundeen

S. Marie Lundeen

S. Marie Lundeen had a change of direction in her...

Katie Balling

Katie Balling

Katie has been passionate about serving others since at a young age. Katie’s first experience working in a service-oriented field began with adults with intellectual disabilities. She continued for several years while attending the University of Utah, ultimately obtaining a degree in Recreational Therapy, and a minor in psychology. Upon graduation, she felt drawn to the mental health field and completed an internship at an inpatient psychiatric hospital, working with veterans, adolescents, and individuals with substance use disorders. The experience brought a passion in working with adolescents and led to work at another residential treatment center for adolescent females. Katie joined the Hobble Creek team in January of 2021, developing further experiential programming to provide to Hobble Creek clients. Katie is a firm believer in the power of experiential programming and the direct influence it has to develop resiliency, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. Katie has had the pleasure of presenting her benefits research several times, at the Utah Recreational Therapy Association annual conferences, and is an active member of that professional organization. In her free time, Katie enjoys photography, walking her two corgis dogs, rock climbing, and trying new things.
Katie Balling

Katie Balling

Katie has been passionate about serving others since at a...

Cameron Armstrong

Cameron Armstrong

Cameron has worked in residential treatment settings since 1999. After working several years as a residential supervisor for boys and girls in different residential programs, he went back to school to advance his clinical expertise. Cameron’s unique perspective with students as a primary therapist with residential experience allows him the ability to build connections that dive deep. He specializes in helping his students overcome depression, anxiety, oppositional-defiance, OCD, ADHD, and other behavioral health issues with incredible and consistent outcomes. A core belief he holds is that a therapeutic alliance of trust is at the base of all healing. He ascribes to the beliefs promoted in the book, “ Leadership and Self-Deception” –that seeing and validating a student’s humanity invites them to step toward a higher level of functioning, this intention promotes a positive space for growth. Cameron has a Master’s in Social Work from Brigham Young University; Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Utah Valley University.
Cameron Armstrong

Cameron Armstrong

Cameron has worked in residential treatment settings since 1999. After...

Amir Rafiei

Position: Executive Director

Amir Rafiei

Executive Director

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Embark at Hobble Creek

266 Left Fork Hobble Creek Canyon Road

Springville, UT 84663

Embark at Hobble Creek Reviews

Ava FrancescaAva Francesca
20:24 19 May 22
This place was very depressing and did not help my daughter at all. I put way too much into this place for it to not help her out. They told me that they would help her, but instead did the opposite. She came back after three months with cuts and bruises all down her arms and legs. I do not recommend Embark Hobble Creek to any families with girls struggling with mental health issues. The staff is also very biased
Tiana KovacevicTiana Kovacevic
00:52 10 May 22
i do not recommend- this was a horrible experience for me along with others. Staff did not know how to handle mental health. i felt ignored, neglected and unsafe the whole entire time. this place is absolutely NOT equipped to handle eating disorders, anger, depression or any other mental illnesses. do not send your child here.
Myles ArloMyles Arlo
22:59 05 Apr 22
I loved the people here. I genuinely got much better here, if you’re looking for somewhere to get better, I recommend Embark at hobble creek! I’ll warn you some of the staff are pretty not cool though. My therapist was Cameron and he helped me a lot 🙂
N ChristianN Christian
16:05 14 Dec 21
There really isn’t enough ways to say thank you to this amazing facility and it’s staff.My daughter had experienced severe trauma and was struggling for a long time with PTSD, amongst other things. Her therapist Cameron was AMAZING. Not only with helping her, but also helping our family. Family therapy sessions were helpful and the parent trainings were not only informational but also a support for my husband and myself. It is a very difficult time and knowing you have other people who can relate to you and support you was amazing!! But Embark doesn’t start and stop at the facility. They continue to offer support to the girls as well as the parents even after your child graduates.If I could change one thing it would be with the psychiatrist. It’s not that she wasn’t helpful it was more that she didn’t fit the Embark mold. The employees at Embark were instrumental in our day to day life while our daughter was in their facility. We had multiple calls from staff members each week providing status updates on our daughter and with the Psychiatrist we had to ask for a meeting.This was a very difficult decision for us to send our daughter to a residential facility.If you are looking for an amazing place that will treat your child like you would, THIS IS IT!!Do not hesitate, Hobble Creek is an amazing facility !
Erin MitchellErin Mitchell
13:00 13 Dec 21
Embark literally saved my daughter's life. I would 1 million percent recommend Embark to anyone with a daughter struggling with depression, self harm, suicide ideation, eating disorders, etc. My 13 year old had lost all hope. She had a plan to end it all. We were guided to Embark and we never looked back. Her therapist was AMAZING. Her life coaches were AMAZING. Her medical needs were watched and met and discussed with us all along the way. Our daughter was at Embark for 13 weeks and we never once worried about her safety or if she was getting the help she needed. I will forever be grateful to Embark for bringing the light back into our daughter's eyes. She has her sparkle back.
M&N L.M&N L.
13:50 09 Nov 21
After many hours of research and phone calls to behavioral centers across the United States, my wife and I kept coming back to the first center we contacted, Embark at Hobble Creek. Embark offered everything we were looking for as we sought out care for our teenage daughter who was struggling with mental health issues: a secluded environment, a small center for girls with a high counselor to patient ratio, intensive individual and family counseling, a holistic approach, a psychiatrist who assists with medication management, and the ability for our daughter to continue her schoolwork while she was away. From the first to the final step, we were continually impressed with the professionalism, competency, and care displayed by the staff. Our daughter flourished during her time at Embark and came home equipped with the tools and skills needed to combat her depression and anxiety. We are so grateful for the compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional staff at Hobble Creek, and we highly recommend Embark at Hobble Creek.
Michael MullerMichael Muller
23:58 26 Oct 21
Embark at Hobble Creek was outstanding for my daughter who recently graduated from the program. The staff, from top to bottom, was great in how they were able to connect with my daughter in ways that no one else could! They kept us in the loop daily and we were involved with everything they offered. The location is perfect for the girls to be able to progress and relax at the same time. These programs are few and far between, so we were extremely happy to find Embark and to see the the positive impact it has made on our daughter and family.
Meiera SternMeiera Stern
22:26 21 Oct 21
This place was a godsend for our family and our teenage daughter, who had been struggling with mental health even before the pandemic. The program really helped her take crucial steps to heal. And the staff were all amazing. It’s a well-run program, everyone is safe, and they teach DBT skills thoroughly and well. They are also pretty transparent with parents, and welcome you for visits, which were a highlight. My only criticism is that the program is great while you’re there, but after you leave there is not much continuity of care. In fact, we needed a referral from one of the therapists to get our daughter into an outpatient program after she graduated and the therapist said she’d provide it, but even after reminders she didn’t. So get any paperwork you need before your daughter leaves! But do send your kids. It’s a quality place with quality people, who do a good job in the program.

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