Healing Therapists at Our Premier Outpatient Treatment Program in Rockville, Maryland

Embark Behavioral Health provides therapists dedicated to helping adolescents, teens, and young adults with mental health issues at our premier outpatient treatment program in Rockville, Maryland.    

Our therapists will help your family get the mental health care you need in your Montgomery County community. Our counselors specialize in helping youths who are struggling with behavioral health issues like anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), grief, and substance abuse through a unique therapeutic framework, an intensive outpatient program (IOP), and a therapeutic day treatment program (also known as a partial hospitalization program, or PHP).    

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How Our Outpatient Program Can Help

We offer individual, group, and family therapy as well as therapeutic/peer mentoring, home health care services, addiction treatment, and parent coaching. Our outpatient treatment in Rockville includes therapeutic day treatment and intensive outpatient programs for those who need frequent, intensive care.  

Services We Provide Across the Embark Continuum of Care

Conditions Our Therapists Treat

Anxiety, depression, and suicide are on the rise, and youths are at risk today more than ever before. Too many adolescents, teens, and young adults in and near Rockville go through life struggling with not only anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation but also eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), PTSD, addiction, and trauma. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our outpatient treatment program can help youths overcome difficult mental health issues and create a life filled with joy.    

Office for therapists helping teens with mental health issues like depression in intensive outpatient program.

Our Therapists and Team

Sharon Dietsche, LCSW-C, LISCW

Position: Executive Director - Rockville
: 1
Sharon Dietsche, LISCW, LCSW-C joined Embark in 2021 as Executive Director of the Tysons Corner clinic. Sharon has dedicated her 30-year career to creating healthier families and communities. Her endeavors started in the child welfare field in Orlando, Florida, as a foster care and adoptions counselor. After receiving her Masters, she began her clinical work at Edgewood Center for Children and Families in San Francisco where she led clinical treatment teams serving children and families with severe trauma histories. Then, as Director, Mental Health, she served as one of the creative forces in the development of Our Second Home, an early childhood family resource center south of the city. From California, Sharon’s career brought her to the national capital area, where she joined the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) in 2009 as a Senior Practice Associate. Her work focused on school social work, behavioral health, and child, adolescent, and family issues. Among other accomplishments, she led the development of the NASW standards for social work practice with clients with substance use disorders and the NASW policy statement on adolescent and young adult health. Sharon then served as Director, Prevention & Early Intervention at the DC Department of Behavioral Health. There she oversaw early childhood, school-based mental health, and substance use prevention programs. She transitioned to her next position in 2020 as Director, Program Operations for the Center for Adoption Support and Education where she oversaw all direct services for the organization. Sharon holds a Bachelors and Masters in Social Work from the University of Central Florida and in 2020 earned certification in Leading Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from Northwestern University. Since 2004, she has served as a subject matter expert in the development of the professional social work licensing exams in California and with the Association of Social Work Boards. Sharon and her husband Tom are parents to three children. Their youngest joined their family in 2018 through international adoption. They currently reside in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Sharon Dietsche, LCSW-C, LISCW

Executive Director - Rockville

Sharon Dietsche, LISCW, LCSW-C joined Embark in 2021 as Executive...

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Rockville Outpatient Program FAQ

During outpatient counseling at our Rockville clinic, your adolescent, teen, or young adult will meet with a local therapist while maintaining their daily schedule. For those who have moderate mental health symptoms and a daily routine that’s not negatively impacting their mental well-being, outpatient treatment may be a good option.   

Outpatient visits to our clinic can involve weekly counseling sessions with one of our Rockville therapists. We also offer group therapy through our intensive outpatient and therapeutic day treatment programs.    

There are many benefits to outpatient treatment at our Rockville clinic. Our programs allow adolescents, teens, and young adults to maintain work and school schedules and receive support from friends and family while receiving counseling — and at a more affordable cost on average than most inpatient treatment options.   

The main difference between weekly individual counseling sessions, the intensive outpatient program, and the therapeutic day treatment program at our Rockville clinic is how long your adolescent, teen, or young adult will spend in treatment. Weekly individual therapy sessions require the least amount of time and can be scheduled at a specific time of day. An intensive outpatient program takes place in the evening to accommodate school and work schedules and typically meets three hours a day, three to four days per week, for a total of nine to 12 hours per week. A therapeutic day treatment program typically meets 5.5 hours a day, five days a week, for a total of 27.5 hours per week. 

The goal of outpatient therapy at our program is to help adolescents, teens, and young adults overcome difficult behavioral health and substance abuse issues like anxiety and depression through visiting one of our Rockville therapists for weekly individual counseling sessions or an intensive outpatient or therapeutic day treatment program. 

The main difference between inpatient hospitalization and outpatient treatment is the treatment setting. Our outpatient services, which include an IOP and a therapeutic day treatment program, provide a good option for adolescents, teens, and young adults whose needs can be met by visiting a therapist in their local Rockville neighborhood while living at home and maintaining their daily routine. An inpatient hospitalization is a good choice for those who need to leave their home and receive dedicated 24-hour care in a hospital setting to overcome mental health and substance abuse issues. 

The length of outpatient treatment depends on each youth’s particular needs and whether they’re attending weekly individual therapy sessions or participating in a therapeutic day treatment or intensive outpatient program in Rockville. On average, outpatient treatmentat our clinic can last from three months to one year. If a deeper level of service is needed, adolescents, teens, and young adults can step up a levelof care to an inpatient hospitalization.   

Rockville Outpatient Program Reviews

Karen Newman
Karen Newman
17:34 03 Jul 23
We just met with the staff to get an introduction and walkthrough of the space and will be signing our daughter up for DBT therapy asap. They have been so kind and generous with answering our many questions, from the very first time I called a few weeks ago through today. They were very thorough during the screening process to make sure she gets the right care before we begin.We have been searching for DBT therapy in the mid-northern Montgomery County area now for almost a year with no luck. Spots have been either filled or just too far away to make it work.We feel very lucky to have found Embark and that they had openings. Their space is modern and beautiful and my daughter felt right at ease being there. I have no doubt the investment in time and work during in her therapy here will provide lifelong returns for her future.
Denise Smith
Denise Smith
14:35 23 Jun 23
Our first impression of Embark is that it’s amazing! The modern decor and comfortable furniture suggests that you are attending a spa retreat! The Enrollment Director was extremely welcoming and very supportive. Parents will feel at ease knowing that their child will be in good hands.
Michelle Kaufman
Michelle Kaufman
21:00 21 Jun 23
This place has been a godsend!! When individual therapy was getting us nowhere, Embark has opened up, supported, and equipped us with tools to move forward on our journey of healing. Thank you!
Aimee Falco
Aimee Falco
15:47 20 Feb 23
I had the pleasure of visiting Rockville’s open house last month. The staff were all very friendly and welcoming! They were all very knowledgeable about the services they provide. I’m not a therapist, just a member of the community who knows families that could really use this service. The therapists clearly explained what type of therapy they provide, and I feel confident in recommending their program to any family in need! Thank you, Embark for being so warm and welcoming. Oh, and the space was absolutely beautiful as well!
Mandy Blake-German
Mandy Blake-German
15:41 19 Jan 23
Incredible space & staff! Thank you for your life-changing work each day. ~Mandy
Jim Haynie
Jim Haynie
12:55 08 Jul 22
Modern and fancy office location
Jorge Romero
Jorge Romero
20:42 07 May 20
a nice place
Lawrence BELL
Lawrence BELL
14:45 12 Feb 20

Other Treatment Options and Therapists in Maryland

If our Rockville clinic is too far north of your neighborhood, check out our nearby outpatient program in Cabin John! Located 15 minutes south in Cabin John, Maryland, this outpatient clinic serves adolescents, teens, and young adults who are struggling with mental health and/or substance use issues.   

A Continuum of Mental Health Care Offered Across the U.S.   

Multicultural Family Success Adolescent Teen Anxiety Treatment Embark Behavioral Health

If outpatient therapy, which includes intensive outpatient and therapeutic day treatment programs, does not offer the level of care your adolescent, teen, or young adult needs, Embark Behavioral Health offers exceptional treatment and therapy options across the United States.  

From virtual IOP to short-term residential programs, our robust continuum of care can provide the right level of treatment to help youths overcome difficult mental health challenges.     

Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how they’re changing the lives of adolescents, teens, and young adults across the U.S., helping them embrace a fulfilling and purposeful future.    

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Areas Our Therapists Serve in Maryland

Areas Our Therapists Serve in Maryland 

Our program serves a variety of locations throughout Maryland and the DC region, including: 

  • Rockville 
  • Derwood 
  • Gaithersburg  
  • Redland 
  • Montgomery Village 
  • Germantown 
  • Boyds 
  • Dawsonville  
  • Laytonsville  
  • Rollins Park 
  • North Bethesda  
  • Aspen Hill 
  • Kensington  
  • Wheaton-Glenmont  
  • Colesville 
  • Ashton-Sandy Spring 
  • Olney 
  • Brookeville
  • Travilah  
  • Seneca 
  • Poolesville 
  • Beallsville 
  • Dickerson 
  • Comus 
  • Hyattstown 
  • Clarksburg  

What Are IOPs and PHPs, and What Should You Expect?

Therapeutic day treatment programs, also known as partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) provide healing mental health treatment that can help your adolescent, teen, or young adult overcome difficult behavioral health challenges. Here’s what you need to know about these outpatient therapy options and how they fit into Embark Behavioral Health’s continuum of care, offered across the United States.