Healing Therapists at Our Premier Outpatient Clinic in Alpharetta, Georgia

Embark Behavioral Health provides therapists dedicated to helping adolescents, teens, and young adults with mental health issues at our outpatient treatment program in Alpharetta, Georgia.  

Our therapists will help your family get the mental health treatment you need in your Georgia community. Our counselors specialize in helping youths who are struggling with behavioral health issues like trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), grief, and depression through a unique therapeutic framework, an intensive outpatient program (IOP), and a therapeutic day treatment program (also known as a partial hospitalization program, or PHP).   

Office for teens and adolescents struggling with anxiety and depression in Alpharetta, Georgia.

How Our Outpatient Program Can Help

Our Alpharetta clinic offers individual, group, and family therapy as well as therapeutic/peer mentoring, home behavioral health care services, addiction treatment, and parent coaching. Our therapists can help your adolescent, teen, or young adult address and overcome mental health issues that may be affecting your family’s everyday life.  

Services We Provide Across the Embark Continuum of Care

Group therapy office in Alpharetta, Georgai for teens struggling with mental health issues.

Conditions Our Therapists Treat

Anxiety, depression, and suicide are on the rise, and youths are at risk today more than ever before. Too many adolescents, teens, and young adults in and near Alpharetta go through life struggling with not only anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation but also eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), PTSD, addiction, and trauma. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our outpatient treatment program can help your child create a life filled with joy.   

Start your healing journey today.

Why Choose Our Alpharetta Clinic

Alpharetta Outpatient Program FAQ 

During outpatient counseling at our Alpharetta clinic, your adolescent, teen, or young adult will meet with a local therapist while maintaining their daily schedule. For those who have moderate mental health symptoms and a daily routine that’s not negatively impacting their mental health, outpatient therapy may be a good option.   

Outpatient visits to our clinic can involve weekly individual counseling sessions with one of our Alpharetta therapists. We also offer group therapy through our intensive outpatient program and our therapeutic day treatment program.   

There are many benefits to outpatient treatment at our Alpharettaclinic. Our outpatient programs allow adolescents, teens, and young adults to maintain work and school schedules and receive support from friends and family while receiving counseling — and at a more affordable cost on average than most inpatient treatment options.  

The main difference between weekly individual counseling sessions, the intensive outpatient program, and the therapeutic day treatment program at our Alpharetta clinic is the amount of time your adolescent, teen, or young adult will spend in treatment. Weekly individual therapy sessions require the least amount of time and can be scheduled at a specific time of day. An intensive outpatient program takes place in the evening to accommodate school and work schedules and typically meets three hours a day, three to four days per week, for a total of nine to 12 hours per week. A therapeutic day treatment program typically meets 5.5 hours a day, five days a week, for a total of 27.5 hours per week.   

The goal of outpatient therapy at our program is to help adolescents, teens, and young adults overcome difficult behavioral health and substance abuse issues like anxiety and depression through visiting our Alpharetta therapists for weekly individual counseling sessions or an intensive outpatient or therapeutic day treatment program.   

The main difference between inpatient hospitalization and outpatient treatment is the treatment setting. Our outpatient services, which include intensive outpatient and therapeutic day treatment programs  provide a good option for adolescents, teens, and young adults whose needs can be met by visiting a therapist in their local Alpharetta neighborhood while living at home and maintaining their daily routine. Inpatient hospitalization treatment is a good option for those who need to leave their home and receive dedicated 24-hour care in a hospital setting to overcome mental health and substance abuse issues.  

The length of outpatient treatment depends on each youth’s particular needs and whether your child is attending weekly individual therapy sessions or participating in a therapeutic day treatment program or intensive outpatient program in Alpharetta. On average, outpatient treatment at our clinic can last from three months to one year. If a deeper level of treatment is needed, adolescents, teens, and young adults can step up a level of care to an inpatient hospitalization treatment program.  

Our Therapists and Team

Team Photo

Chavalle Taylor

Position: Primary Therapist

Chavalle Taylor

Primary Therapist

D’Arcy Reynolds

Position: Case Manager

D’Arcy Reynolds

Case Manager

Dr. Sharnell Myles

Credentials: Psy.D., LPC, CCTP, CPCS
Dr. Sharnell Myles, Psy. D. is a licensed psychotherapist and certified clinical trauma professional who specializes in the treatment of complex trauma. Her dedication to serving children, youth, and adults has spanned over 20-years with a focus on utilizing trauma-informed services to treat a continuum of trauma experiences, including domestic minor sex trafficking and community-based trauma. Dr. Myles is the Executive Director of JoyUs Beginnings Child & Family Wellness Center and The Urban Trauma Positive Impact Center, Inc., an exclusive trauma-informed treatment and advocacy center located in Atlanta, Georgia. Services include trauma informed therapies, trauma assessments, group treatments, gender specific social justice initiatives for girls of color and PeriCare a 2-Gen maternal fetal behavioral health treatment and advocacy initiative. Dr. Myles served as the first Clinical Director for youthSpark, Inc. and was to serve vulnerable youth who experienced exploitation, abuse, and other victimizations within the Fulton County Juvenile Court (FCJC), the largest juvenile court in the southeast region. Throughout her career, Dr. Myles has consulted with systems of care, such as East Cleveland’s MyCom, Inc. and Minnesota’s Robbinsdale Area Schools, to develop trauma-informed systems of care, policy, programming, and training on trauma and equity. In December 2018, Dr. Myles collaborated with Atlanta Public School Board Member Erika Mitchell – District 5 and co-authored the first Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) Protocol for schools in the state of Georgia and has trained hundreds of school social workers on this policy. In addition, she has trained over ten thousand individuals on the impact of trauma DMST which includes Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport, corporations, law enforcement, mental health providers, educators, lawyers, governmental officials, community members, and youth. Dr. Myles has accepted many leadership positions throughout her career. She is the current Advisory Board Chair for the DeKalb County Juvenile Court Mental Health Court – Journey Program, a member of the Georgia Statewide Multi-Disciplinary Team for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, Board Chair for Breaking the Cycle, Inc (Philadelphia), and was the Vice Chair of the Georgia Statewide Human Trafficking Taskforce Survivors Supported and Protected workgroup. Dr. Myles is a subject matter expert and provides expert testimony in legal cases involving child and adolescent trauma. She has presented at various conferences and has experience in vast settings such as clinical, juvenile justice, Department of Defense, and community-based settings.

Dr. Sharnell Myles


Dr. Sharnell Myles, Psy. D. is a licensed psychotherapist and...

Natasha Carr

Position: Executive Assistant
Natasha is an alumnus of Georgia State University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration degree with a concentration in Managerial Science.  She also Graduated from Georgia Military College Phi Theta Kappa Cum Laude with an Associate in Science, Business Administration degree.  Natasha has a passion for human service and has expended over twenty years of her career working for the State of California, Department of Health and Human Services.  She worked as a leader in her church, Friendship Community Church where she was a facilitated young adult and children and youth groups.  Natasha has a desire to make difference in all she does and have a positive impact on the lives of people she has interactions with.

Natasha Carr

Executive Assistant

Natasha is an alumnus of Georgia State University where she...

Shellina Jenkins

Position: Enrollment Director
Shellina Jenkins is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia and a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor. Shellina gained interest in helping individuals fight the battle against substance abuse and mental health as a young child. She was eager to find a way to help those in need very close to her. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Georgia State University, and her Master’s Degree from Fort Valley University. Shellina has a variety of work experience with adolescents and adults in corrections, drug court, foster care, mental health clinics, working with individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. Prior to joining Embark Behavioral Health, Shellina has held leadership positions in mental health clinics and corrections. She has also worked in private practice settings to assist in the treatment of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, SPMI and substance abuse. Shellina has provided training on suicide prevention/intervention, substance abuse and mental health in community-based settings and in corrections. Shellina’s philosophy on behavioral change involves several treatment modalities such as role modeling / teaching to encourage positive thoughts & behaviors, focusing on positive outcomes utilizing CBT, DBT, solution focused approach etc.

Shellina Jenkins

Enrollment Director

Shellina Jenkins is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state...

A Continuum of Mental Health Care Offered Across the U.S.   

Multicultural Family Success Adolescent Teen Anxiety Treatment Embark Behavioral Health

If outpatient therapy, which includes intensive outpatient and therapeutic day treatment programs, doesn’t offer the level of care your adolescent, teen, or young adult needs, Embark Behavioral Health offers exceptional treatment and therapy options across the United States. 

From in-home therapy to short-term residential treatment, our robust continuum of care will provide the right level of treatment to help your child overcome difficult mental health challenges.    

Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how they’re changing the lives of adolescents, teens, and young adults across the U.S., helping them embrace a fulfilling and purposeful future.   

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Areas Our Alpharetta Therapists Serve  

Our therapists serve a variety of locations throughout the Alpharetta area, including:   

  • Alpharetta    
  • Milton 
  • Mountain Park 
  • Roswell 
  • Johns Creek 
  • Duluth 
  • Tomahawk 
  • Willow Tree 
  • Southern Oaks  
  • Woodstock 
  • Noonday  
  • Westfield 
  • Vandiver Heights   
  • Sandy Plains 
  • Peachtree Corners 
  • Norcross 

Embark’s Alpharetta Clinic Reviews

Trellanie VernonTrellanie Vernon
23:15 01 Dec 22
As a parent, the health and safety of your child is paramount. Thus, when you are in need of a facility for your child, you want that to be a safe, professional and caring place. We are so blessed to have found such a place at Embark. We take comfort in knowing our child has a team of professionals that are truly vested in her well being. All the staff members feel like an extended part of our family. From the front desk receptionist, Jimmie, to the case manager, Benjamin, to our therapist, Marcus. I can go on and on about how each staff member mentioned and unmentioned are true health rock stars! If you have a child that may need behavioral assistance/care, it is my honor and privilege to recommend Embark. This place truly saved our daughter’s life and has given us the gift of hope.
Miles NicholsonMiles Nicholson
17:29 11 Sep 22
Embark is a very unique place. Past the front desk is an amazing atmosphere designed for its intended purpose. Healing. Not only do they do amazing work in the space for the developing youth participating in the program, they also take their participants out of the space to engage in experiences for a change of pace in addition to seeking out other opportunities for breakthroughs. Highly appreciative for the Embark team and the care they put into their profession. They are doing more than just a job, they are providing a high quality service, and Embark’s graduates are the proof of it.
Alexa LilaAlexa Lila
20:45 07 Sep 22
I went on the Embark Program Tour for their facilities in Georgia and Tennessee. All of the staff were warm and welcoming, the locations are peaceful and serene; it makes for a productive recovering environment. Brianna is the sweetest and she represents the Embark family amazingly. Joe is extremely knowledgeable on the program and makes you feel welcomed.
Johnny GeorgeJohnny George
20:44 07 Sep 22
Joe Johnson and Brenna was great! The tour of the 3 Embark facility programs. They are very beautiful places for teens and young adults.
Jordan MooreJordan Moore
20:42 07 Sep 22
Embark’s 3 Program Tour was very informative and super organized. Brianna and Joe were awesome hosts! I would definitely recommend this tour for professionals within the mental health industry!
Ariana K.Ariana K.
03:29 08 Aug 22
Having the opportunity to be an intern at Embark at Atlanta North was a wonderful experience. The environment is very relaxed and safe. The staff is also very welcoming, helpful, and passionate towards the patients. Embark has several different programs for teens, young adults, and college students. They really focus on the best treatment plans and goals for the patients. Working alongside Ms. Natasha Carr and Dr. Sharnell Myles, I have gained skills and resources that I can use in the future.They have managed to make me feel welcomed and comfortable. I encourage college students to Intern at Embark at North Atlanta for a wonderful experience! #JoinBEHAG
Tonya ZeiglerTonya Zeigler
21:49 01 Aug 22
I had the opportunity to visit Embark Atlanta North. It was indeed a pleasurable experience. I was greeted with a warm welcome and given a tour of the facility. I also had an opportunity to meet the wonderful staff and learn about some of the wonderful things that they are doing for the children that receive services at their facility. Everyone was so inviting and willing to share the role they played in making sure the needs of their clients are met. If you are looking for a place filled with love, compassion, and a desire to ensure that every person that walks through their doors is cared for and receives the services that they need, I highly recommend you check them out. You will not be disappointed.
Monique BrightMonique Bright
21:07 01 Aug 22
Upon my visit to tour Embark in Alpharetta - I was greatly impressed with the staff especially Natasha Carr. The ambiance of the facility - it was very calming and serene. The amenities made me feel so relaxed. One can only thrive in the environment. It is definitely a facility I would take my love one for treatment.
Morgan SimoneMorgan Simone
17:38 01 Aug 22
Last week 7/25- 7/29 I volunteered at Embark at Atlanta North. I had a wonderful time the entire staff is very kind and welcoming, they are very good at what they do. I mainly worked with Shellina Jenkins and Natasha Carr they are both wonderful people and are absolutely amazing at what they do. I definitely would recommend going to Embark at Atlanta North everyone there is extremely kind, welcoming, and very good at what they do.I just overall had an amazing time not only does the staff do their job they also take their time to talk to you and have good experiences and make it enjoyable. I could really tell that the staff really do care for all their patients.
Jennifer KensickiJennifer Kensicki
17:14 07 Jul 22
Having just completed the interview and hiring process, I can personally speak to having a wonderful experience. I worked with an amazing Recruiter who followed-up with me each step of the way. I got to interview with several different people throughout the company and was very impressed with their professionalism, warmth, and consistency. While the Top grading experience was strenuous. It allowed me to get a good sense of the structure or the company. Each person I interacted with truly exemplified the Embark values, especially Joy.
Jamayla MoreheadJamayla Morehead
23:37 14 Jun 22
Joe was a great host and providing helpful information about Embark. The environment felt very warm and inviting. I would recommended Embark to other referral sources!
Nicole MooreNicole Moore
15:33 05 Jun 22
The staff at Embark is AMAZING! I was blown away by how welcoming everyone was! The facilities are so “zen” and the opposite of every other facility we have seen! I’m so excited to get my daughter started!
Omar BullockOmar Bullock
20:45 01 Jun 22
This was the best experience I’ve had in a while. The team of professionals was very nice and hands on with all that they are committed too. I really enjoy all the people I’ve met today, it was like one big family educational trip filled with so much learning on a psychology level. I had so much fun learning from all the different spectrums of life. I had so much fun, I forgot about the time 🙂 Our Embark Atlanta team duo Joe and Joe jr were great host and tour guides. Thanks and I’ll be back to visit.
Dana ReynoldsDana Reynolds
20:31 01 Jun 22
The staff at Embark North Atlanta are AMAZING!I was able to tour the continuum of services and everyone I met was wonderful! The facilities are beautiful and the staff care deeply about their programs and the success of their clients and families.
Kyri HarrisKyri Harris
20:26 01 Jun 22
Brianna invited me to tour 3 of their properties where I met and learned about the amazing services they offer. They were all so warm and hospitable! I also enjoyed talking to Joe and being treated so nicely!
Sandra StrozierSandra Strozier
05:23 07 Apr 22
Dr. Myles has a passion for serving our community in every aspect imaginable. I have collaborated with her on several projects that lead to the participants longing to learn and grow more within themselves. As one of the leaders at Embark, she continues to provide the exact same passion, purpose and praiseworthy demeanor to the clients and staff members.
Sharmen ClarkSharmen Clark
00:02 07 Apr 22
At a time when I felt like things were beginning to spiral out of control for my teenager, I took a leap of faith and enrolled my daughter in their youth program. We were both apprehensive and anxious however the staff and especially, Dr. Myles, made sure our questions, concerns and needs were fully met. The staff went above and beyond to welcome my daughter, moved at HER pace and motivated her to become the outspoken, driven leader she is today. Embark truly embodies the epitome of “meeting you where you are!” I highly recommend their services!!! #lifechanging
Annemarie RichAnnemarie Rich
21:22 04 Apr 22
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with Brianna King who has been such a gem. She is that absolute sweetest human! I highly recommend that if anyone is looking for a program for their child or young adult they reach out to Embark! They offer multiple options for treatment and the facilities are beautiful! The staff truly care about every single person who walks in the door and that’s important!
Ally SpauldingAlly Spaulding
19:37 23 Mar 22
Embark takes a wholistic approach to mental health and I am so grateful for it! Emily took her time to really assess our needs and make sure everything by was being addressed. I’m so impressed by their professionalism and care!
Christine BrosendChristine Brosend
17:25 23 Mar 22
Embark at Atlanta North is a highly professionally run office! The staff are very organized and work/teach group classes with knowledge. Emily Rowe has offered a very high standard during her counseling sessions. And she always greets us with her beautiful smile!
Elyza MontefalconElyza Montefalcon
22:01 02 Mar 22
I had the pleasure of touring the Forge and the campus is beautiful. Meeting with the staff showed me how passionate they are to help the adolescents.
Margie MagicMargie Magic
21:53 02 Mar 22
The experience at Embark Atlanta North was awesome. Management stand by their staff. This agency has ethical considerations when treating clients and also in how the treat their employees. Ample support frommanagement. Would recommend to anyone who wants a first class treatment.
Margie GillMargie Gill
21:52 02 Mar 22
Embark at Atlanta North is an EXPERIENCE! The leadership and staff exemplify excellence in every way. This agency truly cares about the health and well-being of each and every person. From the moment you enter the doors, you are warmly welcomed. The connections are so genuine. You don’t have to worry about your loved ones under the care of Embark! They truly are a family! I highly recommend!
Ciara FreemanCiara Freeman
21:40 02 Mar 22
Thank you for such a great tour today of your facility and what you all have to offer! It’s such a clean and safe environment for adolescents to come to and get the help that they need!
Thomas NoelThomas Noel
19:37 16 Feb 22
The people here are outstanding. I mean truly amazing. The facility is new and modern, albeit a little small. They really know what they are doing and put care and effort into their work. They have a fantastic new young adult program that I hope to see grow and develop even more with time.

What Are IOPs and PHPs, and What Should You Expect?

Therapeutic day treatment programs, also known as partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) provide healing mental health treatment that can help your adolescent, teen, or young adult overcome difficult behavioral health challenges. Here’s what you need to know about these outpatient therapy options and how they fit into Embark Behavioral Health’s continuum of care, offered across the United States.