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Dragonfly Transitions
Transitional Living for Young Adults | Female | Male | Young Adult

Dragonfly Transitions supports young adults on their journey of personal exploration, health and independence through college and vocational, recreation and therapeutic support.

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Fulshear Treatment to Transition
Residential Treatment Center | Transitional Living for Young Adults | Female | Young Adult

Fulshear is a residential treatment and transitional living program that enables young adult women to become healthy, influential and strong. Young women can build on their life skills by learning more ways to overcome the struggles that inhibit women from having the life they want for themselves.

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Optimum Performance Institute
Transitional Living for Young Adults | Male | Young Adult

OPI Programs offer young adults effective, innovative and therapeutic treatment to support them as they navigate through life's critical challenges. OPI focuses on giving young adults both the clinical and life-skills support they need to thrive.