What makes Embark different from other providers out there?

Embark Behavioral health is the nation’s leading network of family behavioral health treatment centers, with 19 programs in 14 states, and growing.

We are recognized for many of our leading programs, and unlike any other organization, we offer a full continuum of care; a unique specialization and deep legacy of serving youth; an evidence-based treatment approach that focuses on relationships and family systems; the highest level of quality care and safety standards; and a set of validated outcomes, which help drive treatment in real time and can be measured two years post-discharge.

Embark’s programs use our signature CASA Developmental Framework, which creates a therapeutic relationship through Commitment, Acceptance, Security, and Attunement (CASA). This allows teenagers, young adults, and their families to developmentally heal.

Due to our standard of care, Embark recently became one of the first behavioral health organizations in the United States to undergo and be awarded the new system accreditation and The Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission.