Family Intensives

Embark Family Support Program is a relational and experiential therapeutic support service for families. With our developmental lens and CASA framework, both Embark Community Program and Embark Family Intensives work closely with families to offer insight, implement coping skills, and rebuild trust within the family system.

Who Does Embark Family Intensives Help?

Embark Community Program serves clients ages 14-24, and their families. Our clients frequently come to us before or after completion of a wilderness program or short/ long-term residential treatment.

Embark Family Intensives serves families in need of interrupting patterns of family dysregulation through intensive, focused, accelerated family-centered treatment.

Both are often faced with the following challenges:

ADHD, executive functioning, and other learning challenges

Depression, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders

Substance abuse issues

Trauma (PTSD)

Anger Management

Embark Community Program

Community Immersed

We serve in the cities where our clients live, so we are able to help them in person, whether it is a crisis, an ongoing assessment, or helping them integrate into the local community. Mentor and family sessions occur in person, which allows for a deep relationship that is used as a change agent.

Client and Parent Work

We believe the issues our clients deal with are systemic. Therefore, we take a family systems approach, which includes parents. While we have flexibility about the level of parent involvement, based on the developmental age of the client, our services always include parents, even in the lightest young adult package.

Licensed or Licensed-Elligible Clinicians

Our team of therapists/clinicians allows us to deliver top-notch clinical sophistication.

Master Treatment Plans

By helping each family to create and customize a Master Treatment Plan, we then have a path forward for our work together.

Potiential Package Options

family intensive chart 2
family intensive chart 1

Family Support Team

When clinicians are present, the client can feel that she/he has an advocate, mentor, and role model at her/his side. If the client feels any anxiety about the family meeting, she/he can rely on the Clinical Mentor for positive role-modeling and communication strategies.

family support team

Embark Family Intensives & Therapy

Embark Family Intensives provides transformational family therapy through short-term, intensive family experiences.

In-Home Family Sessions 

Along with regular meetings with the student and calls with parents, in-person, home-based meetings are scheduled with the family. These family sessions help deal with any communication and systematic issues that may arise. Both Embark clinicians—Clinical Mentor and Parent Coach—visit the family’s home for these sessions

Embark Therapy Intensives

Embark offers 5 or 10 days, individualized, family therapy Intensives. The family therapy intensive provides clinical emersion and trauma integration to optimize healing including family therapy, assessment, neurofeedback, canine therapy, and treatment planning.

CASA Development Framework

A prescriptive way of creating a therapeutic relationship, the Commitment, Acceptance, Security, Attunement (CASA), framework’s purpose is to developmentally heal and strengthen the functional, mental and physical health of teenagers, young adults, and their families, by creating joy that is experienced through co-regulation.

The CASA Developmental Framework is the neurobiological methodology for creating experiences of secure attachment.

This therapeutic approach is centered on developmental research which indicates that mutually beneficial attachment and secure relationships are necessary for a person's emotional, functional, physical and relational health.

The casa developmental framework for Embark's virtual counseling program.