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Kristina Fortner MS

Kristina has nonprofit leadership experience with a diverse background in clinical, community, and social services working with children, young adults, and families. She is a University of Arizona graduate, with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. Kristina began her career in child abuse and neglect prevention, eventually responsible for the oversight of the program on the state level. She has launched community parenting programs, supervised the clinical department of an outpatient psychiatric clinic for youth, been trained as an Infant Mental Health Specialist specializing in Attachment and Bonding, and most recently, served as the Executive Director for a girl-serving organization. Although Kristina was born and raised in Iowa, she has lived and traveled all over the world. Whether it is kayaking in Puerto Rico, exploring the Black Forest in Germany, hiking in Sedona, or fishing in Minnesota, she manages to find a way to connect and be at peace with nature anywhere she goes. As a professional woman empowering others and a mother of four daughters, she values relationships and communication above all. Kristina’s education, skills, and values make her a natural fit for New Vision Wilderness as the Executive Director of our newest Asheville location.