Child and Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)

Our child and adolescent intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are designed to provide kids with personalized mental health care and support in a safe and nurturing environment.

With many mental health issues beginning at a young age, it can be difficult to see your child struggling. Our Jump-Start Kids Program is here to help. We'll work with you and your child or adolescent to overcome difficult mental health challenges and create a life filled with joy.

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At our IOP, children and adolescents ages 6-12 find a supportive environment to address their mental health needs. We offer frequent treatment sessions on weekdays, providing individual therapy, group therapy, and family sessions.

  • Average length of treatment: 10 weeks.
  • Age range served: children and adolescents ages 6-12.
  • Treated: mental health challenges.
  • Time of day: typically in the evening.
  • Weekly commitment: nine hours per week, three days a week.

Our child and adolescent IOPs can meet your family's needs in multiple ways. Here are some benefits of going to an intensive outpatient program at Embark:

  • Offers a flexible schedule for children and adolescents.
  • Allows young people to maintain their daily schedules and continue to attend school.
  • Allows kids to live at home while receiving participating in an IOP.

We provide specialized treatment for a wide range of childhood and adolescent behavioral health conditions, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, anxiety, and various mental health challenges.

Conditions our child and adolescent intensive outpatient programs can treat:

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Child and Adolescent IOP Locations

With IOP programs available in convenient locations, we ensure easy access for families and their children or adolescents. Our IOP for kids is coming to Newport Beach, California in December 2023 and will be coming to Greenwood Village, Colorado and West Los Angeles, California in early 2024. 

Virtual IOPs

Looking for online therapy, or treatment that's available to adolescents, teens, and young adults ages 12-28? Take a look at our accessible virtual IOP, providing healing, and flexible online treatment in multiple states across the country.

Therapeutic Day Treatment Programs

If you're looking for outpatient treatment options that provide a higher level of care, and are available to more adolescents, teens, and young adults, or you're looking for locations in another state, check out our therapeutic day treatment programs.

Our Therapists and Psychiatrists

Our team comprises experienced and compassionate therapists, psychiatrists, and mental health specialists who are experts in child behavioral health and evidence-based therapies. Each professional is dedicated to providing personalized care and collaborates with our multidisciplinary team to create comprehensive treatment plans.

Dr. Mustafa Rehmani, DO

Dr. Mustafa Rehmani is a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist in private practice providing mental…

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Liz Pulido

Lizbeth Pulido (Liz) received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Clinical Psychology with a minor in…

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Maggie Scotto, BS, RADT, RYT-500

Maggie is a dedicated and compassionate trauma-informed yoga teacher who embarked on her yoga journey…

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Ruben Rodriguez

Ruben Rodriguez joins Embark after working with Star View Community Services and The Guidance Center…

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Sophia C. Gomez

Sophia received her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in General Management…

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Codi Baker

I am a mental health and spiritual wellness advocate. My life’s work has stemmed from…

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Tracy Griffiths

Tracy Griffiths is a highly accomplished practitioner with over 30 years of experience in teaching…

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Jackie Zerbe, LCSW

Jackie Zerbe, LCSW is a therapist at the Embark Behavioral Health West LA Outpatient Clinic….

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Jenilyn Bartolo, LPC

Jenilyn is a Licensed professional counselor, specializing in adolescent and family treatment. She is a…

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Laura McKellin

Laura McKellin, MA, R-DMT, E-RYT500 is a dance movement therapist at our Embark Behavioral Health…

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Adriana Golshan

Adriana Golshan, M.S., R-DMT, is a Dance/Movement Therapist at Embark with a passion for helping…

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Sydney Bartel, LPCC

Sydney Bartel is a licensed professional counselor candidate. Sydney spent her childhood growing up on…

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Madison Braid, LPCC

Prior to being a part of the Embark team, Madison was a clinical coordinator and…

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Emmett Wells, LCSW

Emmett Wells is a licensed clinical social worker. He has experience as a social worker…

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Aleshea Jones

Aleshea Jones, LMFT and LPCC joined Embark Behavioral Health in 2023 as Lead Therapist at…

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Chanell Dudley, LCSW

Chanell Dudley is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker is an Enrollment Director at our Embark…

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Hallie Lambert

Hallie Lambert, M.A., is the Executive Assistant of our Embark Behavioral Health West LA Outpatient…

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Dr. Eri Nakagami, LCSW, Ph.D (Doctorate in social work)

Dr. Eri Nakagami, Ph.D., LCSW is the Clinical Director of Embark Behavioral Health West LA…

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Dr. Myra Irani, PhD, MFT, MA

Dr. Myra Irani has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Master’s in Marriage, and Family Therapy…

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Michael Gapski

Michael is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who comes to Embark after moving from…

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Kathy Thirtle

Kathaleena (Kathy) Thirtle, LMFT AT gained practical and administrative experience working with different community agencies…

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Alyson Pena

Alyson Pena, LPCC joined Embark in 2022 as Clinical Director at the Newport Beach Clinic….

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Baaba Hawthorne, LMFT

Baaba Hawthorne, M.A., LMFT is the Executive Director of our Embark Behavioral Health West LA…

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Child in play therapy session in IOP for adolescents and kids.

Adolescent, Child, and Parent IOP Services

Our child and adolescent IOPs provide a range of services to support the mental health of kids. Therapy, psychiatry, and medication management are offered as needed. Our evidence-based treatment options heal mental health conditions, such as ADHD, anxiety, and depression, and can help your child, adolescent, and family create a life filled with joy.


Therapy is a fundamental aspect of our child and adolescent intensive outpatient program. Individual, group, and family therapy sessions are provided to address mental health concerns using evidence-based approaches. These sessions aid in the development of coping skills and the promotion of emotional well-being in youth, fostering a supportive and nurturing environment.

Psychiatry and Medication Management

Our child and adolescent IOPs include comprehensive psychiatry services for kids who may benefit from medication. Our expert psychiatrists assess children and adolescent mental health and prescribe appropriate medications, working closely with our therapists to ensure coordinated care and the safety of your child.

Parent Coaching

Gain practical strategies and support through personalized parent coaching. Strengthen your relationship with your child or adolescent by learning effective communication techniques. Collaborate with experienced professionals and fellow parents in a supportive environment to navigate the complexities of parenting with confidence.

Treatment Settings

Our child and adolescent IOPs offers various treatment settings tailored to meet the unique needs of youths. Therapy is provided in both individual and group settings, and we also offer family and multifamily therapy sessions.

Individual Child and Adolescent Therapy

In individual therapy sessions, our experienced therapists use evidence-based approaches like attachment-based family therapy to address specific concerns and goals. Children and adolescents receive personalized attention, support, and guidance to develop coping skills and improve emotional well-being.

Group Child and Adolescent Therapy

In child and adolescent group therapy, we provide therapy sessions that offer a supportive and interactive environment for kids. Through peer support and learning from the experiences, youth can benefit from enhanced socialization and communication skills. Our therapists facilitate engaging activities and discussions in group therapy, allowing children to build connections and develop new coping strategies.

Family and Multifamily Therapy

We understand the importance of involving the entire family in the treatment process. Our family and multifamily therapy sessions are designed to improve communication and strengthen relationships within the family. Through these sessions, families learn effective strategies to support their child or adolescent’s mental health, creating a safe space to address concerns and find solutions.

Therapist in child and adolescent intensive outpatient program (IOP) works with kid and mother to heal mental health challenges.

Healing Therapies for Children

Our child intensive outpatient program offers healing therapies tailored to meet the unique needs of each child or adolescent.

Attachment-Based Family Therapy

Attachment-based family therapy focuses on promoting healthy bonding between children, adolescents, and caregivers through therapeutic activities that enhance trust, empathy, and emotional connection. Individualized treatment plans address specific attachment issues, while multidisciplinary teams collaborate to provide comprehensive support for kids.

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP)

Dyadic developmental psychotherapy (DDP) is a specialized approach that focuses on healing attachment wounds and promoting secure relationships between children, adolescents, and their caregivers. Through this therapy, kids learn to trust and form healthy attachments, while caregivers receive guidance and support on how to provide a nurturing and responsive environment.

Play-Based Therapy

In our child and adolescent IOPs, we incorporate the use of play-based therapy to engage kids in a safe and nurturing environment. Play therapy allows youth to express themselves, explore their emotions, and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Through this approach, our trained therapists guide children through various activities that promote self-expression, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy is a hands-on approach used in our IOP to help children and adolescents explore and process their emotions. Through activities such as art, music, and movement, kids are encouraged to tap into their creativity and express themselves in a non-verbal way.

FAQ About Our Kids IOP

An Embark Jump Start Kids IOP requires a minimum commitment of nine hours per week (three days a week).

Inpatient and outpatient treatment programs can help children and adolescents heal from challenges like anxiety, depression, and ADHD. In an inpatient treatment program, your youth will live at a treatment facility and receive therapy while there. In an intensive outpatient program, they’ll live at home and visit an outpatient center for care. Our child IOPs provide a "step down" level of treatment for children and adolescents discharged from inpatient or acute partial hospitalization settings, or a "step up" level of treatment when traditional outpatient services are not effectively meeting the needs of the young person.

Intensive outpatient treatment allows your child or adolescent to take part in a comprehensive healing experience while also maintaining their school and work schedules and living at home, surrounded by family and close to friends. At Embark Behavioral Health, our IOP for kids offers family, group, and individual therapy as well as parent coaching.

Interested in Learning More About IOPs for Children and Adolescents?

The best way to determine which type of therapy or treatment is right for your child or adolescent is to speak with our mental health team.

Our mental health professionals will consider your child's symptoms and treatment history, as well as outline what you and your family want out of therapy to recommend the best next steps specific to your situation.

If you think one of Embark's intensive outpatient programs may be right for your daughter or son, contact us or call 866-479-3050 to learn more today.

Girls in adolescent and child IOP work with therapist on mental health challenges.