Making Therapy Work for You

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Therapy can be very helpful to people, yet some people still have poor experiences with it. Whether it has to do with the stigma around it, negative experiences in your past, or just not really knowing how to make the most of it, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to help yourself live…

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Making Social Anxiety a Thing of the Past

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You may still have flashbacks of all of the times leading up to treatment where you experienced social anxiety. That time that you stayed home from the school dance because you couldn’t even cope with the people, the dancing, or any of it. That time when you failed that test because your mind went completely…

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What is Therapy in Treatment?

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As you are looking into treatment for mental health or substance use issues, you probably have a lot of questions. For example, what is therapy in treatment? Therapy consists of talk therapy or perhaps other types of therapies that are helpful in the healing process. Your therapist is licensed and trained, and many of them specialize…

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Art as Therapy

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Art, music, dance, literature – they are all very powerful. When we experience someone else’s art, we can be inspired, transported, and moved. They are expressions of the human condition, expressions of joy, pain, anger, love. Why not, then, use art as therapy? We do not have to be a famous artist, musician, dancer, or…

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Does My Family Need Therapy, Too?

Family enjoys time together after talking about mental health treatment for anxiety and depression at Embark Behavioral Health.

If you have depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues, or if you are struggling with substance abuse, you have probably realized by now that you need help beyond what you have had access to. However, what you may not have realized is that your struggles also impact your family. They may not understand your…

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Create Your Life Worth Living

Adolescence can be very, very challenging. There are so many changes, so many decisions, and so many pressures, but it can also be fun! You can be active, have friends, even fall in love. Those two scenarios may seem worlds apart, especially if you suffer from depression, anxiety, addiction, or other conditions that impact your…

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Why Do My Parents Need DBT Skills?

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There’s this thing called DBT, it means Dialectical Behavior Therapy. You have been told that it is really great for both mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety, and substance use. When you get treatment for your mental health, hopefully the facility you choose will use DBT, it is one of the best treatments for…

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What is a Co-occurring Disorder?

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You know you suffer from depression, you know that you also use substances. But did you know that there is a name for this? When you have a mood disorder or other mental health issue and you have a Substance Use Disorder, or SUD, then you have what is called a co-occurring disorder. More Than…

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Music and Mood

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Perhaps you have felt it before.  A certain song comes on, and immediately you feel different. Maybe you smile or even start to dance, or maybe you feel a little melancholy and your body feels more relaxed or even tired. It is well known that music can influence our mood in the moment, but can…

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