Robotripping: A Guide for Parents of Teens

For some teenagers, getting high is simple. Opening the medicine cabinet at home gives them ready access to an over-the-counter medication that seems relatively harmless — but in high doses, it’s not. What is it? Cough medicine featuring the ingredient dextromethorphan (DXM for short). This medication is used in robotripping, which refers to ingesting products…

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Why Is Meth So Dangerous?

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There are so many drugs out there being used recreationally, and each one has their own set of dangers. Any time you ingest some type of controlled substance without a doctor’s supervision to know exactly what it is that you are taking, the potency of the drug, as well as the amount and frequency, you…

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What is Therapy in Treatment?

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As you are looking into treatment for mental health or substance use issues, you probably have a lot of questions. For example, what is therapy in treatment? Therapy consists of talk therapy or perhaps other types of therapies that are helpful in the healing process. Your therapist is licensed and trained, and many of them specialize…

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How Marijuana Impacts Our Mental Health

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The legalization of marijuana in so many states has made the drug incredibly popular and even more accessible. There are so many different ways to ingest it, and it has become very normalized. However, we forget that marijuana is still illegal for anyone under the age of 21. There are a lot of reasons for…

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