Conquering School with Confidence

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Getting back into school after having mental health and/or substance use issues can be a difficult time. However, the best part about having completed your treatment is that you have new skills and habits to help you be even more successful. You have also learned to communicate better, which includes advocating for yourself and your…

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Is There a Reason Why School Is So Hard for Me?

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For as long as you can remember, school was so hard. You wanted to do anything to avoid it, including avoiding homework. You still worked hard, because you really wanted to make your parents proud of you. Unfortunately, getting A’s in anything besides PE or maybe art class was just impossible for you. As you’ve…

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Succeeding at School after Treatment

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Struggling with mental health and substance abuse is difficult at any age, in any situation. For you, it started young. Also, for you, you got treatment while you were young. Still, it has been a long and very tough road up until now, and as you are putting the pieces of your life back together,…

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