The Pressure of Choices

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Do you ever feel like your world is closing in on you, that you sometimes can barely breathe? Looking around, there is no physical pressure on you or your body, but it doesn’t change that feeling. A lot of people feel this way when they experience extreme emotional pressure. You cannot see the pressure, but…

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Why Do I Need to Choose My Career Now?

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The average age most people start their careers is their early 20’s. For some of you, that can seem so far away. There are so many YouTube videos to watch or even make, and Instagram might not even be a thing by then. You have enough stressors in your life now, anyway. So why do…

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Feel The Pressure

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Sometimes it just feels like everyone’s expectations of you are too much. The pressures of school and work are increasing as your time is decreasing. More is expected of you than previous generations, with less free time to relax and enjoy life. The call of social media and other internet pastimes is a loud voice,…

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How Will I Survive Being a Teenager?

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As if being a teenager wasn’t hard enough. There is a school. And your family. There are your friends and those people who are not your friends. There is work, extra-curricular activities, and volunteer work, all to help you go to college. Don’t forget about the pressures to use substances, pornography, the pressure of social…

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