Helping Your Teen Cope with Depression

Helping Your Teenager Cope with Depression

For anyone going through depression, especially a teen, it can feel lonely and suffocating. However, the truth is that teens going through depression are not alone. In fact, they are in good company. According to recent data, over 13 percent of teens in the United States between 13 and 24 have experienced a major depressive…

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The Power of Social Media

This is not another article from an adult telling adolescents that social media is bad. In fact, it’s the opposite. Social media can be a powerful tool for change. We often hear how much time is wasted on social media, or how many people are abused or bullied. However, less reported are the positive uses…

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Your Personal Support Network

When you were a baby, you had a parent or two or maybe some guardians. They were the ones who helped with all of your grooming and feeding, they offered emotional support and also provided educational support. Whether you knew it or not, you had a personal support network then, and you have one now,…

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No Need to Be Lonely

Before you attended treatment, lonely was your middle name. You felt alone all the time and without friends. But now you know how important having friends can be. And you have gained skills that will help you make friends, create a whole network of friends. From now on, you do not need to be lonely.…

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Updating Your Support Network

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Imagine that you had an app on your phone that helped you to manage everything else in your life. You used it when you first got your phone, but then you slowly used it less and less, and eventually forgot about it. How amazing would it be to discover it again and have it to…

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Why Do My Parents Need DBT Skills?

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There’s this thing called DBT, it means Dialectical Behavior Therapy. You have been told that it is really great for both mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety, and substance use. When you get treatment for your mental health, hopefully the facility you choose will use DBT, it is one of the best treatments for…

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How Will I Survive Being a Teenager?

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As if being a teenager wasn’t hard enough. There is a school. And your family. There are your friends and those people who are not your friends. There is work, extra-curricular activities, and volunteer work, all to help you go to college. Don’t forget about the pressures to use substances, pornography, the pressure of social…

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About Last Summer

You came, you worked, you laughed, and you cried. Embark Behavioral Health is more than just a day camp or summer camp, though. The work you did here was meant to change the way you think, the way you view life, and to change your actual life. Not just now, but forever. Hopefully, you also…

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