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Embark Behavioral Health operates exceptional treatment programs all across the United States. We serve preteens, teens and young adults, 9-31, struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues.

We offer a complementary continuum of programs, an internationally-validated outcomes platform that evaluates and measures the health of our families and students in real-time, as well as the highest quality of care and safety standards, using a 100-point safety scale, to create joy and heal generations of families.

We also accept most insurance.

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We Offer Mental Health and Substance Use
Treatment for Teens and Young Adults

Your child often hears that their preteen, teen and young adult years will be the best time of their lives. But for many, this critical period of emotional, mental and social development can be stressful as they begin to figure out who they are and plan for the future.

Behavioral health problems are common in preteens, teens and young adults and can make things like school, socializing, work and everyday life more difficult. One in five adolescents, ages 12-18, live with a mental health condition. Between 20-30% will have one major depressive episode before they reach adulthood. Half of all lifetime cases of mental disorders will first present by age 14 and 75% will present by age 24.

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We Work With Insurance

We understand mental health treatment for your family can be expensive.  We are dedicated to providing affordable care by working with insurance companies.  We offer free insurance verification so you know what treatment options are available for you and your budget.

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